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Court Says Some Morning-After Pills Must Be Available OTC Now

In a surprise move, a federal appeals court ruled that some "morning after" contraceptives must be made available without prescriptions now, even though the federal government is in the midst of appealing a lower court ruling that would make the pills widely available.
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U.K. Secretary Of State For Health Jeremy Hunt

Kojo chats with U.K. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt about efforts to digitize Britain's health system and why countries around the world are watching the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the United States.


Fat Doctors Make Fat Patients Feel Better, And Worse

Overweight patients say they feel doctors do a better job of weight loss counseling when the doctor's heavy, too. But they also say they feel more harshly judged by overweight doctors. The solution, researchers say, is for all doctors to be better trained to help patients manage weight.

Keeping Hepatitis A Out Of Frozen Berries Starts At The Farm

Consumers don't have good tools for getting the hepatitis A out of frozen berries, aside from cooking them. Good hygiene by pickers and processors remains the best protection.

Will A Pedometer Get You Off Your Duff?

Sitting is looking less and less healthy, but it can be hard to get up off the couch and go. Using a pedometer can help change those habits, a study says. That's good to know, since employers including the White House are increasingly using the gizmos in wellness programs.

Komen Foundation Scales Back Fundraising Walks

The Komen foundation has attributed the drop in walk participation, in part, to a crummy economy. But it's clear the organization underestimated the reaction to its short-lived decision in early 2012 to discontinue funding for breast cancer screening by Planned Parenthood.