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Supreme Court Will Release Same-Day Audio Of Health Care Arguments

The court said it is making the same-day audio available because of the "extraordinary public interest" in the health care cases. The legal challenges to the Obama overhaul law are to be argued for six hours over a three-day period at the end of March.

When Fruit Flies Strike Out, They Like To Booze It Up

Researchers made a bunch of male fruit flies into boozehounds by pushing them on females unreceptive to their advances. The experiments showed that a brain chemical, very much like one in humans, played a key role in determining their behavior.

Chances Are 'Pink Slime' Is In Grocery Store Beef, Too

An estimated 70 percent of the ground beef supply contains these lean bits of meat derived from muscle and connective tissue. The industry calls the trimmings Lean Finely Textured Beef.

USDA To Give Schools More Ground Beef Choices After Outcry Over 'Pink Slime'

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said it believes beef trimmings known officially as "Lean Finely Textured Beef" are safe to eat. Nonetheless, it announced that due to "customer demand" it will give schools the chance to opt out of it in the next school year.

Blackouts Predict Which Binge-Drinking Students Will End Up In ERs

About half of college students who drink say they have blackouts. They're much more likely to end up in the emergency room, according to a new study, and cost a college about $500,000 a year in medical expenses.
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Efforts to Deal With Bullying (Rebroadcast)

An estimated one in six children and teenagers will be bullied this year. A new documentary highlights how bullying can trigger a cycle of violence. Diane speaks to the director of the film "Bully," one of the teenagers who appears in the...


Feds To Pay For Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads

These aren't the usual public service announcements. The $54 million "Tips from Smokers" campaign marks the first time the federal government plans to pay to run anti-smoking ads nationwide,