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Designated Drivers Often Fail To Abstain From Drinking

Breath tests after a college football game revealed that many designated drivers had been drinking. Researchers say their alcohol levels were lower, on average, than people who weren't going to drive. But the findings suggest more education is needed.
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Making Better End-Of-Life Care Decisions

Most Americans say they want to die at home, but few actually do. How movies made by two Harvard doctors can help patients make better end-of-life decisions.


With Epilepsy Treatment, The Goal Is To Keep Kids Seizure-Free

For children with epilepsy, doctors now try to prevent seizures altogether. It's a big switch in thinking from the days when seizures weren't considered such a bad thing. That changed due to research showing that seizures can affect learning and memory.

African Americans Remain Hardest Hit By Medical Bills

Nearly one in four African Americans tell pollsters they're having a hard time paying for needed prescription medicine. One in three say they struggled to pay bills from hospitals or doctors last year.