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UOK? 'Dystextia' Alerts Doctors To Neurological Problems

The inability to send coherent text messages, or 'dystextia,' is helping doctors diagnose neurological problems. In one recent case, a series of garbled text messages was an early signal that a woman was having a stroke.

Chance To Pause Biological Clock With Ovarian Transplant Stirs Debate

The only women who have gotten pregnant with an ovarian transplant are cancer patients at great risk of losing their fertility. But a handful of doctors are now doing the procedure for patients trying to beat their biological clocks.

Like Girls, Boys Are Entering Puberty Earlier

Boys are entering puberty six months to two years earlier than they did in past studies. Caucasian boys tend to begin puberty, on average, at around 10 years old while African American boys tend to begin puberty at 9.
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Virginia Gets High Marks For Public Health Preparedness

A new report by two health advocacy groups ranks Virginia as high compared to the rest of the country in being prepared for public health emergencies.

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Virginia Mental Health Programs In Need Of Funding

Experts in Virginia say more funding is needed for programs focusing on children's mental health issues.
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Five Diagnosed With Hepatitis C In Maryland

Five more people in Maryland have been diagnosed with the same strain of Hepatitis C.


Online Education Didn't Boost Colon Cancer Screening Much

There is a strong consensus in favor of colon cancer screening. Educational efforts have fallen short when it comes to meeting public health goals. Why don't more people get tested?