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Big Sibling's Big Influence: Some Behaviors Run In The Family

Psychologists have long known that children often model their behavior on the actions of parents or peers. But science has only recently begun to measure the influence of siblings. An older brother's or sister's behavior can be very contagious, it turns out — for good and for bad.

If Military Covers Abortion After Rape, Why Not The Peace Corps?

Last year, Congress and President Obama passed a law providing insurance coverage for abortion for military women in the case of rape or incest. Will the Peace Corps inspire a similar truce on the same issue?

Shhh, The Kids Can Hear You Arguing (Even When They're Asleep)

In scans of sleeping infants' brains, certain areas light up when they hear angry voices. But is that heightened activation damaging, or does it mean the children are learning to cope?

How To Turn Down The Heat On Fiery Family Arguments

Psychologists say kids who get entangled in their parents' arguments often suffer shame and low self-esteem. So some are trying to teach parents who feel they just can't stop arguing when they get angry how to "get to calm."

Anti-Drug PSAs: Do They Work?

The U.S. has spent millions of dollars since the 1980s on anti-drug ads. But research shows that some of these older public service announcements might be counterproductive. Now that the ads are shifting to reach teens who want to rebel, new studies show they may actually be more effective.

E-Cigarettes Bring Smokers Back Inside, For Now

Fewer Americans are buying cigarettes these days, but smokeless products like e-cigarettes are on the rise. They're not regulated like other tobacco products, but the FDA warns that day may yet come.