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Girls May Get More 'Teaching Time' From Parents Than Boys Do

In elementary school, girls often outperform boys on reading and math tests. Many factors shape academic performance, but two economists say one reason for the disparity might be that parents spend more time reading with girls and teaching them the alphabet and numbers.

Parents' Saliva On Pacifiers Could Ward Off Baby's Allergies

Instead of rinsing off the pacifier when it falls out of your baby's mouth, new research suggests that sucking it clean for them could help keep them from developing eczema and asthma. Researchers say the harmless bacteria in parents' saliva works by stimulating the babies' immune system.
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The Uphill Battle To End Elderly Abuse

Social workers with Adult Protective Services are a frontline defense against elder abuse, but the economic downturn has been tough on the agency. At a time when their workloads have increased exponentially, budget cuts have hit hard.
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UVA Study Finds Salt May Not Contribute To High Blood Pressure

A new study discovered that for most people, reducing salt intake does not prevent high blood pressure.

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House Calls Can Be A Better Option For Some Seniors

House calls serve as the first line of defense against elder abuse and neglect. Doctors, nurse practitioners and social workers can watch how patients interact with caregivers and see their surroundings.
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'The Book Of Woe'

In 1952, the American Psychiatric Association released the first edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM. Before the publication of a newly revised fifth edition later this month, we talk with an author and practicing psychotherapist about the history and future of the manual.


Urologists Recommend Less PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer

The American Urological Association released new guidelines that, if they're heeded, would dramatically reduce the ranks of men who would be candidates for PSA testing. The prostate-specific antigen test can catch cancer early, but it frequently gives false alarms.