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Virginia Board Of Health Approves Tougher Abortion Clinic Regulations

After threats from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the state Board of Health voted 13-2 to approve strict new regulations for abortion clinics that opponents say will put them out of business.


Stealth Changes To Fast Food May Combat Obesity

McDonalds says it's cutting sodium and sugar in its foods by 10 percent. Wal-Mart and other food retailers have committed to do the same. But is it enough to effect change?

Death Toll Climbs In Congo Ebola Outbreak

The number of deaths from an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo surged in the past week, prompting concern that the outbreak was spreading. A spokesman from the World Health Organization says the outbreak is not out of control.

Infection Risk Prompts New York City To Regulate Ritual Circumcision

The New York City Board of Health voted unanimously today in favor of a new regulation that would require parents of young boys who undergo ritual circumcisions involving "direct oral suction" to sign a consent form first. The practice has been linked to serious herpes infections.

Whooping Cough Vaccine's Protection Fades Quickly

Young kids who get all their whooping cough shots on time could become susceptible to the disease again when they're between 8 and 11. Researchers say the immune protection conferred by the current vaccine loses its punch.

Freedom Soda: New York's Ban On Big Sodas Hits Us Where We're Human

People are taking the New York City's proposed big soda ban to heart because it goes after our food. And cultural anthropologists say we have strong attachments to what we consider food — and we don't like it taken away.
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Reports Detail Health Violations At Virginia Abortion Clinics

An anti-abortion group in Virginia and some of the state's abortion clinics are at odds over public health records that show health and safety violations at the clinic.