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FDA Releases Rules To Strengthen Safety Of Food Supply

Two years after a food safety bill became law, the FDA issues a rule to prevent foodborne illness in produce and one to require food manufacturers to have plans in place to prevent contamination. Foodborne illness sickens about 48 million Americans each year.
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Wellness And The Workplace

A healthier lifestyle is a New Year’s resolution for many, and employers are increasingly partners in that goal. We explore how workplaces are supporting wellness, including alternative therapies.


Bargain Over Fiscal Cliff Brings Changes To Health Care

Health care has been a major focus in recent budget battles. New legislation provides a temporary fix in payments for doctors, but it will be paid for by a decade of cuts to hospitals. And a program for long-term-care insurance won't ever get off the ground.

You Can't See It, But You'll Be A Different Person In 10 Years

People generally fail to appreciate how much their personality and values will change in the years ahead — even though they recognize that they have changed in the past, according to fresh research.
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Mental Health Training Pushed By Virginia Lawmakers

Virginia delegates are signalling their intention to pursue funding that would help train school officials and human service workers how to handle people with mental illnesses.


Utah And 6 Other States Get Feds' OK To Run Insurance Exchanges

Utah's unorthodox health insurance exchange got conditional approval from the Obama administration. Six other states with more conventional approaches to running health insurance marketplaces also received provisional OKs.