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Urologists Recommend Less PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer

The American Urological Association released new guidelines that, if they're heeded, would dramatically reduce the ranks of men who would be candidates for PSA testing. The prostate-specific antigen test can catch cancer early, but it frequently gives false alarms.

Paleo Diet Echoes Physical Culture Movement Of Yesteryear

New ideas about health, like physical culture and the paleo approach, appear at times of massive cultural change. The Industrial Revolution and current digital revolution represent fertile ground, a historian says. Both movements look to the past for inspiration on how to eat, exercise and get back to a more natural way of life.

Iowa Court: List Both Same-Sex Parents On Birth Certificates

The state's high court says among other things that the move will ensure support from both parents.

Political Battle Over Health Law Starts Next Chapter

In the three years since the Affordable Care Act became law, public opinion has remained deeply divided with as many Americans opposing the law as supporting it. When Americans begin signing up for health insurance under the act, opinion may finally begin to shake loose. Some people without access to insurance gain it and others encounter new bureaucracies.

Capitol Hill Caught Up In Health Act's Sticky Situation

Members of Congress have found themselves in another awkward situation when it comes to the federal health law. They wrote the law to require that members and staffs participate in the new health exchanges starting in 2014. But a glitch could stick them with huge out-of-pocket costs.

Women's Health Groups Angered By Morning-After Pill Moves

Days after President Obama became the first sitting president to speak before Planned Parenthood's national conference, the administration alienated some women's health groups with a controversial decision about access to emergency contraception.

Appeal To Restrict Morning After Pill Angers Obama Allies

The Obama Administration has officially appealed a federal judge's ruling that it remove all age restrictions on the most popular form of the morning-after pill. The action has once again driven a wedge between the Administration and women's health groups.