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Old Drug Gets A Second Look For TB Fight

Adding a 12-year-old antibiotic to the regimen of patients with highly drug-resistant tuberculosis cured nearly 90 percent of patients in a study involving about 40 people in South Korea. The study, though small, suggests that the battle against the ancient scourge is far from lost.
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Seeing Eye To Eye: Examining How Deaf People Move Through The World

We head to H Street NE with Gallaudet researcher Robert Sirvage, who's been using head-mounted GoPro cameras to discover the ways deaf people move through and interact with the world.

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D.C. To Target Senior Citizens With HIV/AIDS Program

D.C. is allocating at least $150,000 for a two-year program to educate more older adults and senior citizens about HIV and AIDS. 

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Montgomery County Installs Healthy Food Vending Machines

Montgomery County officials are taking on small step to try to get county employees to eat healthier: new healthy option vending machines in all county buildings. 


Social Mobilizers Combat Polio In Pakistan's Slums

Some 34 million children need to be inoculated against polio in Pakistan, if the country is going to be part of a worldwide effort to eradicate the disease. And it has to be done against a pervasive insurgency, religious extremism, a highly mobile population and no shortage of rumors.

Romney Tries To Soften Birth Control Message

In Tuesday's debate, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of misrepresenting his position on the issue. "Every woman in America should have access to contraceptives," the GOP nominee said. His position is not that surprising given recent polls that show Obama's lead among women shrinking.

Treatment For Alzheimer's Should Start Years Before Disease Sets In

New research suggests that by the time an Alzheimer's patient is diagnosed, many key neurons are already dead. Neuroscientists say it's possible that several recent trials of drugs for Alzheimer's have failed because the drugs were given after symptoms had already started to appear.