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Amid An AIDS Epidemic, South Africa Battles Another Foe: Tuberculosis

Some parts of the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa have HIV rates that are more than twice the national average. And clinics in the region are seeing another major problem: thousands of cases yearly of multi-drug-resistant TB.

Feds And Health Insurers Partner To Fight Fraud

The idea behind the partnership is to share the best ideas of law enforcement, government and industry on things like identifying patterns of suspicious claims, data mining and even catching simultaneous claims for the same patient in different cities.

How A 'Google Bomb' Improved Russia's HIV Drug Supply

When Russian officials downplayed shortages of HIV drugs, activists turned to the Web to raise awareness about the problem. Since 2004, the AIDS epidemic has worsened in Russia, despite a law that requires drug treatment people with HIV.
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Growing Up, Not Giving Up: Young People Confront Challenges Of HIV

In the second part of our series on children with HIV, we look at some of the physical, psychological and emotional challenges for young people living with the disease.

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Using Prescription Medication For An Academic Edge (Rebroadcast)

A growing number of high school and college students are using ADHD drugs to gain an academic edge: Adderall abuse and what's being done to address it.