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Take A Listen To The Shots Podcast

Are you prepared for some unorthodox audio from an ink-stained wretch still working on the transition to online journalism from print? If so, click through to listen to Shots, the podcast. This episode covers multivitamins and cancer, health report cards and how Americans feel about retail health clinics.

Six Tips For Feeding The Family During A Storm-Related Power Outage

Storms like Sandy send many of us responsible for feeding the family running to the grocery store in a panic, and then throwing out a lot of food. Here are some tips to minimize both of those things. What are yours?
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Assessing The Health Benefits Of Omega-3 (Rebroadcast)

Omega-3 fish oil supplements are widely thought to help prevent a variety of ailments including heart disease, Alzheimer's and depression: Assessing the health benefits of an Omega-3 rich diet.


Pricey Prostate Cancer Therapy Raises Questions About Safety, Cost

Proton therapy can be targeted much more precisely than regular radiation. The hope is that it translates into far fewer side effects, such as impotence and incontinence. But it also costs twice as much as regular radiation. And there's no proof it's more effective — it could potentially be worse, say some radiation experts.

Museum Teaches Anatomy And Disease With Ghoulish Body Part Bake-Off

Get an anatomical education through cakes, cookies, and cocktails. A British museum is hosting an anatomy-themed bake sale this weekend.

FDA Says Massachusetts Pharmacy Knew Of Sterility Problems For Months

FDA officials say the New England Compounding Center's own environmental monitoring showed multiple instances of contamination going back nearly nine months before an outbreak of meningitis linked to one the company's drugs. The company's knowledge of contamination problems and its failure to act are among the most damning findings to come out investigations of the pharmacy.