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Mental Disorders And Evolution: What Would Darwin Say About Schizophrenia?

Given the pressure of evolution, why have genes behind schizophrenia, autism and others disorders persisted? A study that looks at the likelihood someone is to have kids tries to figure it out.

James Watson: The Double Helix and Beyond

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick pieced together the structure of DNA — "the now-famous double helix. To celebrate the release of a new annotated and illustrated edition of his 1968 book, The Double Helix, James Watson reflects on the groundbreaking discovery.

Global Fund Moves To Discontinue Project Subsidizing Malaria Drugs

After months of debate, the Global Fund announced plans to wind down a controversial pilot project that subsidizes malaria drugs in Africa. Some health workers in the U.S. fault the decision, saying it doesn't address the major challenges of treating malaria in poor countries.
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Van Hollen Will Push For ABLE Act In Lame-Duck Session

Even with a full plate of budget negotiations to come in this lame-duck session of Congress, Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen is hoping members can turn their attention to the ABLE Act, which provides support to people with disabilities.

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Virginia Students Try Something New During Farm-To-School Week

Students from around Virginia celebrated Farm-to-School week, and ended up pleasantly surprised by what theyfound on their plates.


Deadline Extended For Health Insurance Exchanges

Friday was supposed to be the deadline for a key part of the health care law: states were to tell the federal government about their progress on building a state exchange. But the deadline has been extended for the second time in a week. States now have until Dec. 14.

Health Exchange Activity Heats Up As Deadline Is Extended

Two Republican governors announced Thursday afternoon that they would not create exchanges in their states. A Democratic governor chose a hybrid model for her state. Then, the federal government pushed back the states' decision deadline, again.