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Experimental Malaria Vaccine Disappoints, But Work Continues

An experimental vaccine for malaria reduces infants' risk of the disease by about a third. That's less than researchers had hoped for, given the vaccine's effectiveness in toddlers, but doctors say it's enough to prevent many high fevers, seizures and deaths in a lot of African children.
WAMU 88.5

Sandy Flooding Halts Shellfish Harvesting In Chesapeake Bay

Flooding from Hurricane Sandy resulted in a massive run-off into area waterways. State health officials are concerned that the run-off may have contaminated shellfish.


Why Energy Drinks May Not Be The Answer For Sleepy Soldiers

A study finds combat soldiers who were heavy users of energy drinks were more likely to sleep less than four hours a night. But is the popularity of the drinks contributing to sleeplessness or just a reflection of it?

What Health-Minded Smartphone Users Have In Common With Obama Voters

Exit polls and a separate survey of cellphone users show similarities between Obama voters and people who tap their mobile devices to get health information. Latinos, African-Americans and young people were big in both groups.

Polio Hides Out In A Few 'Sanctuaries' In Nigeria

Despite intensified efforts to vaccinate kids in Nigeria, polio cases are on the rise there. It's one of the last places in the world where polio is endemic. Most cases are popping up in a few communities that are now the prime targets for public health workers.
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Montgomery County Council To Discuss Drug Issues In Schools

Montgomery County officials are looking to address rising drug issues in the county's schools, and three county council committees will hold a joint hearing today to discuss the problem.


Conservatives Vow To Keep Pushing Abortion Limits

After the election, many conservatives are pondering their losses. Some say their anti-abortion principles weren't the problem; it was the Republican Party's failure to run a truly conservative candidate. They're vowing to change the party and continue their fight to restrict abortion.