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Would-Be Parents Wait As Foreign Adoptions Plunge

Strict regulations to combat baby-selling and fraud have meant the process of adopting a child can take much longer. Many nations also now feel stigmatized for sending babies abroad. As a result, some advocates say, many children are languishing in orphanages.

Kinesio Tape Plasters Olympians, But Not All The Science Sticks

Said to ease pain and treat muscle injuries, brightly colored Kinesio tape is all over the Olympics, from the track to the diving platform. Some athletes say it's superior to other tape for recovery and performance, but the research on it doesn't always agree.

Prognosis Worsens For Shortages In Primary Care

The U.S. could have nearly 63,000 fewer doctors than needed by 2015, according to a projection from the Association of American Medical Colleges. Some health experts argue that allowing physician assistants and nurse practitioners to provide more care could help.

Paleo Diet Blogger Sues State For Trying To Regulate His Advice

A blogger who claims he lost weight and lowered his blood sugar on the paleo diet files a First Amendment lawsuit after he's told he needs a license to give others diet advice and nutritional counseling.

Is There A 'Concussion Crisis' In Sports?

Scientific evidence is mounting on the links between sports and concussions. Host Michel Martin explores what some are calling the "concussion crisis" for athletes. She speaks with Chris Nowinski, author and co-founder of the Sports Legacy Institute, a group focused on researching concussions in sports.

Love Of Sports Can Start Early; So Can Injuries

Concussions make up about 15 percent of all high school sports injuries, according to Children's Hospital Boston. But how can parents decide whether children should play sports, and how to keep them safe? Host Michel Martin talks with three "sports" moms, including a pediatrician who studies concussions in children.