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Military Drops 'Birth Control Glasses' For Fresher Pair

Over 22 years, the military's thick-framed, large-lensed, standard-issue glasses have developed a reputation for seriously hurting their wearer's chances of getting a date. Now, the military is finally offering a new design.

Scratching An Ankle Is Hard To Beat

Scratching an itchy ankle is more satisfying than relieving an itch on your back or arm. Even if you thought you knew that, scientists now have evidence to back up your hunch.

Heavy Doctors Avoid Heavy Discussions About Weight

Physicians who pack on the pounds discuss weight loss less frequently with obese patients than doctors who have normal weights, a study finds. Overweight and obese physicians expressed greater confidence in prescribing weight-loss drugs than other doctors.

Dengue Fever Cases Surge Worldwide

Dengue fever cases are soaring worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. They're also hitting closer to home. Two locally acquired cases were reported in Miami last year, and public health experts say we should expect more.

Stem Cell Eye Therapy Shows Promise

Reporting inThe Lancet, researchers write that a preliminary study shows embryonic stem cell therapy in two patients with macular degeneration was safe. Results suggest the patients' vision improved slightly. Dr. Robert Lanza, Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology and co-author of the study, discusses the trial.

Study: 1 in 14 People Has Oral HPV Infection

Men were much more likely to have an oral HPV infection than women. And people who have had more sex partners and more frequent sex were more likely to be positive for HPV.