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Cash Back On Broccoli: Health Insurers Nudge Shoppers To Be Well

Rebates on healthy foods purchases can influence what put in their grocery carts, a study found. People spent 9 percent more on fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy and other healthful foods when they got a 25 percent rebate on them.

Sorting Out The Mammogram Debate: Who Should Get Screened When?

Researchers suggest that guidelines for regular breast cancer screening should look beyond a woman's age. Dense breast tissue, a cancer risk factor, may be a reason to consider earlier screening with mammograms.

Breast-feeding Mothers Living In First Food Deserts

Most people are aware of the positive effects of breast-feeding. But in many areas of the country, breast-feeding is not the cultural norm, and there's little support available for mothers. Host Michel Martin talks with Kimberly Seals Allers, the co-author of a new report on so-called "first food deserts," and a nursing mother, Areti Gourzis.

The Doctor Will See You And A Dozen Strangers Now

Getting quality time with your doctor might be easier in a group. With primary care doctors in short supply, some are turning to group appointments. Proponents say the approach has advantages, including the chance to learn from fellow patients.
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Water Main Break Leads To Closures, Restrictions In Maryland

A break in a 54-inch water main in Chevy Chase, Md., propelled a geyser more than 30 feet high, shutting down a stretch of Connecticut Avenue.