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Got A Superbug? Bring In The Robots

Johns Hopkins Hospital is using disinfecting robots to kill dangerous drug-resistant bacteria in its hospital rooms. Since it began using the machines, the hospital has seen the number of untreatable infections fall by a stunning 64 percent.
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Voucher Helps Virginia Families Care For Members With Disabilities

Virginia families caring for loved ones with disabilities may now be eligible for some reimbursement — if they hire respite care.


FDA Challenges Stem Cell Companies As Patients Run Out Of Time

With limited options, some Americans are willing to pay thousands of dollars for stem cell replacement therapy. But the Food and Drug Administration, as well as many scientists, have concerns about its safety and argue more research and oversight is needed.

White House Tries Again To Find Compromise On Contraception

Under the proposed rule, employees at nonprofit religious organizations would get access to no-cost contraception, but their employer wouldn't pay for the coverage. The move is another attempt to provide contraceptive coverage without violating the beliefs of religious nonprofits.

Quick TB Test Builds Up Arsenal Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is on the rise worldwide, but identifying the disease has been difficult and time-consuming. Touted as a "game changer" in the fight against TB, a new tool cuts diagnostic times from weeks to hours and doesn't require a lab.

Carrot Juice Instead Of Coke? USDA Proposes New School Snack Rules

The proposed rules would limit snacks to a maximum of 200 calories and promote options like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Experts say this many fewer calories each day, over years, can add up to big calorie savings.