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Swedes Perform Pioneering Uterine Transplants; Americans Not Far Behind

The Swedish team transplanted uteruses from two women in their 50s to their daughters, and an Indiana group is recruiting women willing to undergo womb transplants in this country. It's the latest frontier in a field launched in 1954 with a successful kidney transplant. But one expert cautions against premature enthusiasm.
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Health Research At Risk From Sequestered Cuts

grad student at Johns Hopkins University

Automatic cuts from sequestration will affect more than just entitlements and the military — the National Institute of Health would be subject to $2.5 billion in cuts, which could stifle research.


Who's Next In Line For A Kidney Transplant? The Answer Is Changing

The nonprofit in charge of distributing organs wants to revamp the system for distributing kidneys for the first time in 25 years. But some transplant specialists and bioethicists fear the changes could end up discriminating against some patients.

Challenges To Health Law Just Keep Coming

Oklahoma's attorney general claims that an IRS rule to implement the federal health overhaul law's subsidies for some insurance exchanges exceeds the agency's authority. The Congressional Budget Office says more people than previously estimated may have to pay a penalty for not having health coverage.

Man Wins $7 Million In Suit Claiming Microwave Popcorn Caused Lung Disease

Previously, "popcorn lung" disease has been limited to plant workers exposed to flavoring chemicals. The new verdict awarded to a microwave popcorn consumer may spark a rash of similar suits, lawyers say.