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Family Doctors Who Do More, Save More

A study suggests that coordinated care, led by a family doctor who is judicious about referring patients to specialists, leads to cost savings.

New York Announces Crackdown On Nail Salons

New York plans to send dozens of inspectors to nail salons across the state to crack down on poor working conditions. The New York Times found the industry was violating labor laws.

Tales From 3 Louisianans Who Got Subsidized Health Insurance

About 90 percent of people in Louisiana who signed up for Obamacare got a subsidy. Some worry they won't be able to afford health insurance if the aid is overturned by the Supreme Court.

Low, Middle Income Workers Most Vulnerable To Loss Of Obamacare Subsidies

The Supreme Court may soon rule Obamacare subsidies illegal in about three dozen states. NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Linda Blumberg of the Urban Institute about the options those states would have.

No One's Talking About What The Pacific Trade Deal Means For Diets

Trade deals like NAFTA can have vast long-term impacts on diet and health. Experts say they're concerned that the U.S. isn't addressing these implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Drop Those Sprouts — Virginia Company Issues Recall On Listeria Fears

A state lab found contamination during an analysis of sprout samples from a Virginia company, prompting a regionwide recall.


Ebola Outbreak Is Over In Liberia, Continues In Sierra Leone, Guinea

The Ebola outbreak in Liberia which caused so much panic, death and devastation is officially over. What are the country's plans to rebuild its health care system?

South Korea's Single Moms Struggle To Remove A Social Stigma

Women who choose to raise their children out of wedlock are so rare in South Korean society that they face social ostracization, job losses and active encouragement to adopt out their kids.

For Headaches, A Lifestyle Change May Be Better Than A Doctor Visit

Each year more than 12 million Americans go to the doctor because of severe, chronic headaches. Many are sent for expensive tests. Researchers say all this testing isn't doing people much good.

In Palo Alto's High-Pressure Schools, Suicides Lead To Soul-Searching

The competitive California school district has seen four students take their own lives since October. One junior talks about reactions to the deaths, pressures students face and hopes for the future.