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Why Is There No Drug To Treat Ebola?

Three companies are working to develop a drug that can battle Ebola. The free market has not produced a solution — a situation the U.S. government has been trying to correct.

Graphic Warnings: Ebola Posters Keep The Virus On People's Minds

Sierra Leone is at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. To help stop the virus, health workers are putting up Ebola awareness posters around the country. One doctor explains why they're so graphic.

No Roads Lead To Iquitos But This Med Student Is Glad He Made The Trip

He came as part of a volunteer team. What he finds in this Peruvian city of half a million is that the common hernia can ruin a man's life — and be easily fixed by a volunteer doctor.

Panic, Pouring Rain, A Ray Of Sun: Reporting On Ebola In Sierra Leone

They've stopped shaking hands and hugging each other. They keep buckets of chlorinated water at the door. And they're praying to defeat "the evil one" — Ebola.

A Coping Plan Can Help Fend Off Depression From Vision Loss

About 25 percent of people with macular degeneration in both eyes develop clinical depression. But developing strategies for staying engaged in passions and people may cut that risk by more than half.

Where We Learn That Artificial Eyes Really Aren't Round At All

If you think that an artificial eye looks like a big glass marble, you're not alone. And you're wrong. We visit the people who made a prosthetic eye for a 5-year-old boy who lost an eye to cancer.

Doctor Remembered For Dedication To Fighting Deadly Ebola

Virologist Dr. Sheik Humar Khan has been hailed a hero treating Ebola in Sierra Leone. He cared for dozens of patients before testing positive for Ebola and dying of the lethal virus, late last month.

Recovery Coach Helps An Addict Resist Heroin's Lure

A Cape Cod treatment center says it is breaking addiction's hold — and saving money — by offering newly released patients daily, or even hourly, coaching by paid consultants.

West African Border Crossings On Lockdown Amid Ebola Spread

Guinea denied earlier reports that it had closed its border with neighboring Liberia, but sources on the scene say trucks are blocking the crossings.

Sierra Leone Blockades 2 Districts In Attempt To Contain Ebola

Liberia and Sierra Leone have deployed troops to try to isolate areas hardest-hit by the Ebola virus. Nigeria announced a state of emergency as new cases of the disease are reported there.