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You Ask, We Answer: Demystifying The Affordable Care Act

Think buying health insurance through the Affordable Care Act will be confusing? You're not alone. NPR listeners asked questions that have been bugging them about state insurance exchanges and other new options. NPR health policy correspondent Julie Rovner explains how it's going to work.

As Doctors Leave Syria, Public Health Crisis Looms

As the civil war continues, a new study says Syria's health care system is near collapse. Outbreaks of disease are on the rise in the country, and refugees sheltered beyond the border are also at great risk.

Despite Alzheimer's, Couple Holds Tight To Old Memories

Pansy Greene, 73, is still in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She and her husband, Winston, describe their "journey," a term they use to refer to much more than Pansy's struggle with the disease.

Administration Clarifies Insurance Rules For Contraceptives

Under final regulations issued Friday, most employers will have to provide contraception — at no charge to their employees — as part of their health insurance plans. There are exceptions for religious groups and alternatives for their affiliated organizations.

Coming To An Airport Near You: Fluffy Stress Relief

Los Angeles International Airport has 30 comfort dogs assigned to assist weary and stressed-out travelers. The airports in San Jose and Miami are using dogs, too. Many passengers say it's helpful to see a smiling dog at the end of the security check-in.

After Midnight, Night Owls Gorge, Piling On The Calories

People who were forced to stay up until the wee hours in a sleep lab ate food packing more than 500 extra calories. For people who regularly miss out on sleep, these late-night calories can really add up.

Polio Outbreak In Somalia Jeopardizes Global Eradication

The world is closer than ever to wiping out polio. But a growing outbreak in the Horn of Africa has health workers worried that the virus could spread to surrounding regions. Thirty-one kids have been paralyzed by the poliovirus in the past two months, and the number is expected to rise.

Feds Bust Drug Websites Masquerading As Big-Name Chains

The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. attorney's office in Colorado cracked down on more than 1,600 websites that the feds say are breaking the law in the way they're selling prescription drugs, some of them counterfeits.

How Head Injuries Seem To Affect The Risk For Stroke

Scientists were surprised to find that people who have had a concussion or other traumatic brain injury are more likely to have a stroke in the next few years. That's particularly true for people under age 50. But scientists don't know for sure if the brain injuries are the cause of the strokes.
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Concerns About Caffeinated Energy Drinks, Candy And Snacks (Rebroadcast)

Debate over the health effects of caffeinated energy drinks, candy and snacks. Companies argue they are safe, but critics say they shouldn't be marketed to children.