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How Oregon Is Getting 'Frequent Fliers' Out Of The ER

Oregon is trying to reduce health costs by encouraging people who get routine care in hospital emergency rooms to go to doctors' offices instead. Cutting out even a few hospital visits can save a lot of money.

Harmful Parasites In Cat Poop Are Widespread

A parasite that plays a role in a range of human illnesses may be more common than you thought. More than a million cats in the U.S. are thought to be spreading the parasite.

Affordable Care Act Hits More Road Bumps

It seems yet another glitch is forcing a delay in a piece of the health law. This time it's how much more insurers can charge smokers. Coupled with last week's announcements of other delays, could there be trouble ahead for the law?

'Sputnik' Orbits A Russian City, Finding And Healing Tuberculosis

One Siberian city is tackling the problem of drug-resistant tuberculosis with a health program affectionately named for an earlier Russian innovation. In the modern Sputnik program, teams of nurses travel around the sprawling city of Tomsk, finding and treating the TB patients who are the hardest to reach.

Should Doctors Ask Older People If They Have Guns At Home?

Pediatricians have long asked parents if they have guns in the home, in an effort to reduce accidents and suicides in children and teens. That could help protect older patients too, a study says. But the notion of doctors asking about gun ownership is controversial.

What It Takes To Cure Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

How contagious is tuberculosis? How could one-third of the world's population be infected with the bacteria? Dr. Mel Spigelman of TB Alliance answers five common questions about the infectious disease.

The 'Sink-Urinal' Saves Water, Encourages Men To Wash Hands

The design, called Stand, is already selling to customers across Europe. The same water running while you wash your hands is also used to flush, says the designer.

Who's Watching When You Look For Health Information Online?

More than half of health-related websites checked by a health policy researcher used trackers that could provide data about visitors to third parties. Some also shared search terms that could be linked to a visitor.

Treating The 'Body And Soul' In A Russian TB Prison

Russia has struggled for decades to control deadly forms of tuberculosis among inmates. A clinic inside a Siberian prison is finally having some success against the disease by teaching inmates to care for themselves — and their families.
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Healthcare Becomes Focal Point Of Virginia Gubernatorial Race

One clear area of distinction between the two major candidates for the office of Virginia governor is their approach to the Affordable Care Act — a distinction Democrat Terry McAuliffe was only too happy to make this week.