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After Attacks, Seattle Rethinks How To Treat Mentally Ill

Before the Navy Yard shooting, a spate of killings and assaults by mentally ill transients unnerved Seattle residents, prompting questions and discussion. This week's tragedy in Washington, D.C., has added extra energy to that debate.

Will Walgreens Workers Pay More After Health Care Change?

Walgreens today became the latest major US company to announce that it's shifting it's employees healthcare benefits over to a new so-called private exchange system. Some 160,000 Walgreens workers will now be shopping for their healthcare on an online marketplace with scores of different insurance companies offering competing coverage plans. The hope is that such systems will hold down rising costs. But consumer advocates worry the trend could mean that workers will end up shouldering more of the cost of their own healthcare.

Americans' Upside-Down View Of Medicare's Problems

Many of the cost factors that people think are the most important pale in comparison to those that actually are. Mismanagement and fraud top the list. New technologies and treatments are low. Most people think beneficiaries pay their own way or have prepaid for care, neither of which is the the case.

Around The World, Gun Ownership And Firearms Deaths Go Together

An analysis of gun ownership, crime and mental illness in 27 countries found that firearms deaths were more strongly associated with how many people own guns. The rate of mental illness appeared only weakly correlated with firearms deaths.

Navy Yard Shooter Struggled With Growing Mental Issues

Investigators are gathering clues that indicate Aaron Alexis' life seemed to be unraveling. He's been identified as the man who opened fire at a U.S. Naval base in Washington, D.C. on Monday, killing 12 workers. Alexis was killed in a gun battle with police.

Florida Makes Spreading Word On Health Care Law A Challenge

The state fought hard against Obama's Affordable Care Act. Now Gov. Rick Scott's administration is questioning the use of federally funded navigators to enroll residents in health care exchanges.

Just What The Doctor Ordered: Med Students Team With Chefs

Tulane medical students are trading in their scrubs for chefs whites. They've teamed up with culinary students at Johnson & Wales University as part of an innovative new program designed to teach both groups how good nutrition can help stave off lifestyle diseases.

Stephen Hawking Backs Assisted Suicide For The Terminally Ill

The man, who has lived for years with Lou Gehrig's disease and is considered among the world's most brilliant living scientists, said: "We don't let animals suffer, so why humans?"
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The Greek Yogurt Craze

We explore what's behind the Greek yogurt craze and how it's affecting the yogurt products in your supermarket.


Golden Rice Study Violated Ethical Rules, Tufts Says

Tufts University says that one of its researchers violated ethics rules while carrying out a study of genetically modified "golden rice" in China. The study showed that the rice can fight malnutrition, but researchers didn't provide enough information to the parents of the children who ate it, Tufts says.