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Medicare Begins Open Enrollment, With An Online Caveat

The government shutdown means some information on its website "may not be up to date," Medicare warns. Open enrollment for Medicare programs began Tuesday and will run into December.

Random Bedtimes Breed Bad Behavior In Kids

Random bedtimes have more influence on a child's behavior than going to bed late, a British study finds. That was true at home and at school. Researchers say that failing to hit the hay at the same time every day may mess up circadian rhythms and brain development. Fortunately, the ill effects are reversible.

Dodge Ball: Causing Harm Or Teaching Resilience?

A New York school has taken soccer balls, footballs — and maybe even the fun — out of recess. Officials say hard balls are a safety concern, but critics say they're being too cautious. Tell Me More's parenting roundtable weighs in.

What Should Make A Hospital CEO's Paycheck Bigger?

Running a hospital that scores well on keeping more patients alive or providing extensive charity care doesn't translate into a compensation bump for top executives. Nonprofit hospitals have been under scrutiny for paying high salaries to chief executives while skimping on benefits for their communities.

One Roof, Many Generations: Redefining The Single-Family Home

Homebuilders are finding there's a post-recession demand for bigger houses, and it's partly thanks to boomerang kids who can't find jobs and aging parents who can't afford to live alone anymore.
NPR Glitches Lead Many To Rely On Pen And Paper

When opened for people to start signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, there were glitches. Now, two weeks later, people are still having problems with the federal government's health exchange website, so some are turning to an older, trustier technology to apply: pen and paper.

Hey, Why Did You Floor It? Tracking Junior Behind The Wheel

New technologies give parents ways to keep tabs on their kids' driving habits. One such device can alert parents when their children are speeding, when they slam on their brakes, and shows their location. But some experts say parents shouldn't rely too much on technology to keep their teens safe.

'Menstrual Man' Had An Idea To Help Indian Women

A new movie documents how an Indian entrepreneur created a cheap machine to make sanitary napkins for rural women on the subcontinent. Women whose self-help groups buy Arunachalam Muruganantham's machine can make more than a dollar a day — close to a global poverty line threshold — selling the pads.

So What's The Real Deadline For Obamacare Sign-Up?

Now that enrollment has opened for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, one of the biggest questions people have is, what's the deadline? It's Dec. 15 if you want coverage to start on Jan. 1. But open enrollment actually runs through March 2014. After that, you'll generally have to wait until next fall.

Exercise May Help Knees More Than Glucosamine And Chondroitin

Glucosamine and chondroitin have been popular supplements for arthritis for years. But clinical trials in humans haven't shown that they're any better than sugar pills at reducing pain. Some doctors say that if placebos or supplements help people exercise and lose weight, then that's OK.