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Pricey Prostate Cancer Therapy Raises Questions About Safety, Cost

Proton therapy can be targeted much more precisely than regular radiation. The hope is that it translates into far fewer side effects, such as impotence and incontinence. But it also costs twice as much as regular radiation. And there's no proof it's more effective — it could potentially be worse, say some radiation experts.

Museum Teaches Anatomy And Disease With Ghoulish Body Part Bake-Off

Get an anatomical education through cakes, cookies, and cocktails. A British museum is hosting an anatomy-themed bake sale this weekend.

FDA Says Massachusetts Pharmacy Knew Of Sterility Problems For Months

FDA officials say the New England Compounding Center's own environmental monitoring showed multiple instances of contamination going back nearly nine months before an outbreak of meningitis linked to one the company's drugs. The company's knowledge of contamination problems and its failure to act are among the most damning findings to come out investigations of the pharmacy.

Scared To Death... Literally

Earthquakes, terrorist attacks and muggings have all scared people to death. Sporting events, too, sometimes cause frenzied fans to drop dead. Neurologist Martin Samuels of Brigham and Women's Hospital explains how positive or negative excitement can lead to a heart-stopping surge of adrenaline.

Plunging Into the Science of BASE Jumping

BASE is an acronym for the objects the practitioners of the sport jump from: Buildings, Antenna, Span, Earth. Wingsuits are sometimes involved; parachutes, always. Avid BASE-jumper Luke Hively shares his experiences in the air and Science Friday investigates the physics and neuroscience of the sport.