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New Commission Created In Wake Of Disabled Maryland Man's Death

A commission has been created to improve understanding of the issues faced by disabled Maryland citizens in the wake of the accidental death of Robert "Ethan" Saylor.


Short-Term Insurance Skirts Health Law To Cut Costs

Plans offering coverage that lasts 364 days can cost half as much as those that are in force for a year. But the savings may be illusory for people who need care for injuries or illnesses because the coverage can be skimpier.

How You Handle Screen, Technology Time With Your Kids

NPR readers wrote in to share how they're dealing with the technology tension in modern parenting — raising technologically adept kids without making them technologically dependent.

How A Wandering Brain Can Help People Cope With Pain

Prescription painkillers don't work for many people, and some people are helped by treatments like meditation that don't rely on drugs. The varied responses may stem from fundamental differences in how people's brains react to pain. Some minds can wander away from pain, while others just can't turn away.

How Video Games Are Getting Inside Your Head — And Wallet

Some parents say their children are addicted to video games, but it's no accident that kids can get lost in them. Game developers are studying gamers' actions as they play in order to make the games more compelling — and lucrative.

Obamacare Enrollment Period Extended 6 Weeks

The announcement comes after numerous glitches in the website that have made it difficult or impossible for people to sign up for coverage.

More Technical Issues For Obamacare, But Good News For Medicare

After yet more problems over the weekend,, the federal site for people to buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act, seems to be making incremental improvements. Probably the best news on the health care front is that premiums for Medicare will not increase next year.

Judge Rules Texas Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional

The ruling says some provisions in a new state law prevent doctors from acting in their patients' interests, and would unreasonably restrict women from accessing abortion clinics. The state is expected to appeal, and the case could end up at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Eeek, Snake! Your Brain Has A Special Corner Just For Them

Humans and other primates have really good vision. One scientist thinks that ability evolved in part to help monkeys and humans quickly recognize venomous snakes. When monkeys see photos of snakes, neurons in a specific part of the brain light up. The neurons respond to photos of the reptiles more than to monkey faces.

Unlikely Multiple Sclerosis Pill On Track To Become Blockbuster

A hot-selling drug for multiple sclerosis was derived from an old chemical that is used industrially to make foods sour. The twice-a-day pill called Tecfidera comes at a lofty price, despite its humble origins.