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Why Doctors Are Testing An Epilepsy Drug For Alcoholism

Gabapentin, a generic drug, appears to reduce alcohol cravings and ease sleeplessness and anxiety associated with withdrawal. But the drug hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat alcohol dependence, and there's no sign it will be anytime soon.
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Wounded Veterans And Adaptive Sports

In 1969, Kirk Bauer lost his leg in a grenade explosion in Vietnam. In 2012, Travis Mills lost portions of four limbs from an improvised explosive device (IED) in Afghanistan. They join Kojo to talk about adaptive sports and the challenging path of recovery facing today's wounded veterans.


Washington State Says 'No' To GMO Labels

The "no" campaign appears to have an insurmountable lead in early counts with 54 percent of votes. The ballot initiative in favor of labeling had strong public support two months ago. But food companies spent millions to persuade voters that the labels would increase the cost of groceries.

How The Affordable Care Act Pays For Insurance Subsidies

The health care law is helping low- and middle-income Americans pay for their insurance. Where does that money come from? In part, it is a matter of the well-off helping pay for those who have less. But that's not the full answer.

IVF Doesn't Raise Overall Risk For Childhood Cancers

Children conceived by in vitro fertilization have the same chance of developing leukemia and brain cancers as their peers, a large study in the U.K. finds. There was a slight increase in risk for two rare cancers. But overall the findings are good news, reaffirming the safety of the fertility treatment.

Babies' Immune Systems May Stand Down To Let Good Microbes Grow

Parents of new babies know they get sick a lot. That may be because infants deliberately suppress their immune systems so that essential microbes have a chance to settle in. An immune suppression system in the blood of newborn babies could be key to building a healthy microbiome.

A New Look At An Old Epilepsy Drug Yields Treatment Clue

Valproic acid has been a mainstay of epilepsy treatment for decades. But how the drug works has been a mystery. Researchers have now figured out the drug boosts a particular chemical in the brain. The finding may help scientists develop better treatments someday.

How Pictures Of Infant Boy's Eyes Helped Diagnose Cancer

A research chemist applied his analytical smarts to his son's eye cancer. By analyzing family photos starting with some taken just a few days after birth, the dad found that signs of retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer, could be detected quite early.

Administration Looks To Give Labor Unions Health Tax Relief

A likely change in obscure rules governing the Affordable Care Act could save unions a bundle. A fee that starts at $63 for each person covered by union insurance in 2014 would be waived if the administration proceeds as expected.

Obama To Visit Dallas To Smooth Bumps In Health Care Sign Up

President Obama travels to Dallas on Wednesday to meet with volunteers who've been working to educate consumers about the government's new health insurance marketplace. That task has been made more difficult by persistent technical problems plaguing the website.