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FDA Leans On Device Makers To Cut X-Ray Doses For Kids

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing that manufacturers of X-ray machines and CT scanners do more to protect children from radiation exposure. If companies don't take steps to limit X-ray doses, the agency may require a label on their new equipment recommending it not be used on children.

Shopping Bags Can Also Carry Stomach Flu Virus

Norovirus particles can fly through the air, land on things like plastic bags and survive there for weeks, according to an investigation of a stomach flu outbreak in Oregon. The researchers say this proves you don't have to have direct contact with someone to get sick.
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Virginia Launching Program For At-Risk Mothers

Virginia will use federal grant money to sponsor a program that provides home visits to expectant mothers in at-risk situations.


Waiting To Buy Long-Term-Care Insurance Adds Up

Kimberly Lankford, personal finance writer for and Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, talks to David Greene about the shifting market for long-term-care insurance, and if it is still worth buying.

A Daughter With Down Syndrome Is The Perfect Sister

When Kelle Hampton's second daughter was born with Down syndrome, she grieved for the sisterly bond she thought would be robbed from her older daughter. But she quickly discovered that the girls' love for each other was strong.

These Health Law Bets Are No Figure Of Speech

Will the administration's health law survive the Supreme Court? A majority of bettors think not. Over at Intrade, a "prediction market" for current events, the betting gave chances of about 58 percent that the court will disallow the mandate.