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Despite Big Market In Florida, Obamacare Is A Hard Sell

Far from the glitz of South Beach or the tourist mecca of the Magic Kingdom is northern Florida. Information about the Affordable Care Act can be hard to come by for residents, many of whom are working poor and could benefit from the law.

Don't Count On Insurance To Pay For Genetic Tests

After Angelina Jolie announced she has a genetic variant that raises her risk of breast cancer, many women asked their doctors for the test. Insurers will pay for tests only if there's a clear indication that it would help shape medical care. That's often not the case.

Fresh Research Finds Organic Milk Packs In Omega-3s

Organic milk contains about 62 percent more omega-3s than milk from cows on conventional dairy farms, a new U.S.-based study finds. To get the full boost of these healthful fatty acids, you'll need to drink whole milk.

To Get Kids Exercising, Schools Are Becoming Creative

An NPR poll finds that most elementary school kids have physical education classes just one or two days a week. In response, parents and educators are getting kids to squeeze in walks, jogs and jumping jacks before, after and even during school.

Microbiome Candy: Could A Probiotic Mint Help Prevent Cavities?

Lacing a sugar-free candy with the right kind of bacteria might one day help fight off tooth decay, a study suggests. The experimental mint lowered the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in volunteers' saliva. But the microbe candy still has a long way to go before it reaches shelves at Walgreens.
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D.C. Legislators To Ask Questions About Local Health Care Exchange

D.C. is running its own health care exchange as part of the Affordable Care Act, but city legislators want to know how well the website has been functioning.

To Curb Costs, New California Health Plans Trim Care Choices

Insurers are holding down prices by including fewer doctors and hospitals in their health plans. Consumers may save money, but at the cost of more restrictions on where they can get medical care that is covered.

Violence In PG-13 Movies Comes With Plenty Of Sex And Booze

Watching violent movies makes teenagers more aggressive, and that violence is almost always associated with sex, drinking and smoking. Violent characters in PG-13 movies are as likely to indulge in violent activities as those in R-rated flicks.

Infants At Risk Due To Blood Tests Delays

Delays in processing blood screening samples for newborns could be putting millions of infants at risk for disabilities or even death. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with Ellen Gabler of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who investigated the screening track records of hospitals around the country.

New York's Insurance Exchange Readies For Holiday Rush

As a Dec. 23 enrollment deadline for health insurance that starts Jan. 1 looms, New York state is staffing up its call center and smoothing out the rough spots on its application to meet growing demand. As time runs down, the state is trying to fix technical and design issues that came up when the site debuted in October.