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Sand From Fracking Could Pose Lung Disease Risk To Workers

The sand is pumped underground along with water and other chemicals to extract oil and natural gas trapped deep in rock. But researchers found that air samples taken at some drilling sites contained high enough levels of very fine silica particles to be dangerous to workers.

Pennsylvania Tightens Abortion Rules Following Clinic Deaths

A Philadelphia doctor who performed abortions is accused of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who the prosecutor says were born alive. Abortion opponents cited the case as a reason to push for stricter regulations on clinics.
WAMU 88.5

Opponents Of Virginia Abortion Clinic Regulations Deliver Comments

Opponents of the strict abortion clinic regulations approved on an emergency basis in Virginia last year have offered more than 3,600 public comments against the rules.


'Love Your Butt' Ads Try To Conquer Colonoscopy Fears

A new campaign is aimed at helping people overcome the stigma of colon cancer screening. Public health advocates have been laboring for years to get people over age 50 in for colonoscopies, but so far just 60 percent have been screened.

Why More Patients Should Blog About Illness And Death

The most prestigious medical institutions now encourage patients to blog their experiences with serious illness through sites like CaringBridge and CarePages. Palliative care experts say these tools and social media may be helping us all become more open to talking about death.
WAMU 88.5

Maryland Senate Passes Funding For Health Benefit Exchange

Senators voted 35-11 for the bill that will fund the program allowing residents a choice of private health plans.


When A Famous Hospital Didn't Want An Expensive New Drug

It's remarkably rare for leading research hospitals to reject new drugs because of cost.