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Tagging Along On A Wisconsin Man's Odyssey To Buy Insurance

The Obama administration says the experience is getting better, but what's it really like? We asked Doug Normington of Madison, Wis., to let us peek over his shoulder as he tries to buy health insurance through the federal exchange. After many tries, success.

High Insurance Rates Anger Some Ski-Country Coloradans

Gas, groceries and rents are all pricier in Summit and Eagle counties than in Denver, just a hundred miles away. Health insurance costs a lot more in these mountain communities, too, and some folks are crying foul. Their congressman — a Democrat — is asking the feds for relief.

Newtown Parents Seek A Clearer Window Into Violent Behavior

When Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel lost their daughter in the Connecticut shooting, they couldn't understand why someone would do such a thing. In seeking an answer, they're funding research into the forces that increase a person's risk of aggression — and have also found a path to healing.

Some Young Athletes May Be More Vulnerable To Hits To The Head

Student athletes know they need to avoid concussions. But hits that don't cause concussion symptoms can affect the brain, too. Researchers are now trying to figure out who is most at risk from those smaller hits, and if they can be warned in advance.
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Analysis: D.C. Health Care Exchange Causes Headaches On The Hill

Workers in certain Congressional offices were put on D.C.'s health care exchange, but as National Journal's Sam Baker explains, the roll-out has been bumpy.


Drug Companies Accept FDA Plan To Phase Out Some Animal Antibiotic Uses

The Food and Drug Administration Wednesday advised companies to change the labels on their drugs to make it illegal for livestock producers to use drugs for "growth promotion" or "feed efficiency." The announcement is the latest step in a long-running effort by the FDA to reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture.

Sebelius Faced More Grilling From House, Despite Fixes

The White House released some upbeat enrollment numbers for the troubled health care law Wednesday, just as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius headed back to Capitol Hill to face skeptical lawmakers.

Staph Germs Hide Out In The Hidden Recesses Of Your Nose

People who have surgery or are hospitalized for serious illnesses sometimes develop dangerous staph infections. The culprits can be bacteria that were living on people all along. Scientists say the germs thrive in remote parts of the nose that aren't typically tested. Other benign microbes might help keep the bad ones at bay.

Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly

Shifting to a diet that's packed with pork, cheese and eggs has a big influence on the trillion of bacteria living in our guts, even after just a few days, new research shows. And some of these changes probably aren't so good. One type of microbe that flourishes under the meat-based diet has been linked to diseases in mice.

Health Exchange Enrollment By State, In 2 Charts

Because was barely functioning in October and much of November, the administration is falling far short of the 3.3 million people it has projected would sign up by the end of December. Still, federal officials say they're confident that 7 million people will have obtained insurance on the exchanges by the end of March.