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How Cellphones Helped Researchers Track Malaria In Kenya

By tracking nearly 15 million cellphones in Kenya, scientists mapped out how malaria spreads through the Texas-sized country. The findings pinpoint areas where efforts to control malaria would be the most effective. One day, the data may help guide alert systems for phones that remind travelers to use bed nets.

Bioethicists Call For Privacy Protections For Personal Genomes

A sample of saliva taken from a coffee cup can reveal someone's genes, for better and for worse. Now bioethicists are recommending privacy protections as the age of cheap, fast genome sequences unfolds.
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A Conversation With Sandra Fluke (Rebroadcast)

Diane talks with women's rights and social justice activist Sandra Fluke, who rose to prominence last spring when she testified at a congressional hearing on women's health.

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Georgetown Doc Works Toward Personalized Cancer Care

Researchers at Georgetown are working toward treating cancer patients' cells, before trying treatments on the patients themselves.


Meningitis Scandal Linked To Compounding Pharmacy

A Meningitis outbreak occurred after a steroid drug commonly injected into people's spines to relieve back pain was apparently contaminated by an ordinary fungus. The problem shines a light on little-known and lightly regulated companies called compounding pharmacies.

Romney's Remarks On Abortion Cause A Stir

The GOP presidential nominee told a newspaper that as president he won't push abortion-restricting legislation. The remarks, which Mitt Romney has since walked back, surprised those on both sides of the abortion debate.

How Do Public Data About Heart Attack Treatment Change It?

The sickest heart attack patients in states that report publicly on quality may get less treatment than those in states that don't. Public reporting is supposed to help patients shop intelligently for health care. But do doctors and hospitals game the quality systems?