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'Robogut' Makes Synthetic Poop To Treat Stubborn Infections

Canadian scientists have developed a synthetic stool that successfully treated two patients with a severe form of diarrhea. The researchers call the concoction RePOOPulate, and they produce it using a machine that recreates conditions in the colon.

Sick Workers' Dilemma: Stay Home Or Go To Work?

The earliest flu outbreak in years continues to claim victims. Businesses are taking a hit, too. They're faced with an unsolvable problem: If they tell too many sick employees to stay home, the work doesn't get done; those who do come to the office can spread germs.

Fitness Boot Camps May Get The Boot In Santa Monica, Calif.

In the mornings, the lawn at Palisades Park is often covered with people in sweats and spandex, exercising in groups. But city officials are weighing a plan to muscle out the fitness classes.

Colleges Try To Curtail Flu Risk For Students

As students return to class from winter break, campus health official are trying to avert an outbreak. Colleges in Boston are especially worried after the mayor's declaration last week of a public health emergency in the city.
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Doctors Weigh Impact of Inaugural Crowds On Flu Outbreak

With hundreds of thousands of people poised to descend on the District for next week's inauguration festivities, D.C. health officials consider the potential impact on the flu outbreak.


Porn Industry Turned Off By L.A. Mandate For Condoms On Set

Lawyers for the adult entertainment industry are challenging a new rule requiring the use of condoms while filming sex scenes in Los Angeles County. Proponents say the rule protects adult film actors, but some actors and producers say films made with condoms don't sell.