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Lighting Up The Investigative Path With Polonium-210

Conspiracy theories continue over the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, and polonium is suspected as the weapon of the alleged assassin. Whatever happened to Arafat, there is a case from 2006 that shows just how destructive the radioactive element can be. It all started with a sip of green tea.

Why Can't Ted Stay Out Of The Emergency Room?

Unlike airlines, hospitals don't offer perks or first class upgrades to people who frequently visit the emergency room. In fact, patients like these often get worse customer service, like the apocryphal boy who cried, "Wolf!"
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Area Democrats Resist Push To Extend Signups

Problems have plagued the online home of the federal government's healthcare exchange, but amidst calls to delay signups on the site, some lawmakers are pushing back.


How A California Law To Encourage Vaccination Could Backfire

The number of children skipping vaccines has been rising, raising concerns about outbreaks of measles and other infections diseases. A California law designed to encourage parents to get information before deciding about vaccination has been complicated by the governor's addition of an exemption for members of religious groups.

When Caregivers Are Abusers: Calif. Complaints Go Unanswered

California public health officials have allowed abuse complaints against nurse assistants and home health aides to linger for years, even when they involve severe injuries or deaths.

Democrats Try To Tweak Health Care Law

Senate Democrats who supported passage of the Affordable Care Act have grown increasingly frustrated with the bumpy rollout of, the site Americans use to sign up for insurance. Guest host Don Gonyea talks with Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., who introduced the Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act to address concerns about about the law.

In Massachusetts, Health Care Prices Remain Hard To Get

Finding out how much an X-ray costs sounds like a simple question. But before Oct. 1, it was downright impossible to get an answer. Now, Massachusetts is pulling back the curtain on what has been a largely secret world of health care prices.

White House Releases Long-Awaited Rules On Mental Health

The rules require most health insurance plans to provide the same coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment as they do for other types of ailments. Coverage also has expanded under the Affordable Care Act, but not everyone benefits.

Can We Eat Our Way To A Healthier Microbiome? It's Complicated

It may be possible to cultivate a healthier community of bacteria on and inside us by modifying our diet. For starters, eating more vegetables probably won't hurt.

Mental Health Moves Closer To Parity In New Insurance Rules

Many health insurers must treat coverage of mental health and substance abuse in the same way they handle treatments for physical illness, according to a new rule issued Friday by the Obama administration.