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Would Angry Teens Chill Out If They Saw More Happy Faces?

Since most of the faces we encounter are emotionally ambiguous, we're forced into interpretations. And in the case of troubled teens, the perception of hostile faces all around can lead to aggressive behavior. In an experiment, researchers tried to retrain the way those kids interpreted faces.
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Educating Special Needs Kids

While federal law requires that all special needs children have available to them "free, appropriate public education," many parents say it's still a fight to ensure their child's particular needs are met. We explore the challenges of education and special needs kids.

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How Do Medical Marijuana Laws Compare In The D.C. Region?

A dispensary for medical marijuana in D.C. is expected to open this month, putting the District's program far ahead of others in the region, including the one just passed in Maryland.

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JMU Latest Virginia School To Report Mumps Case

Several cases of the mumps have been reported at various Virginia schools, with James Madison University being the latest.

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Maryland Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Medical marijuana in Maryland is one step closer to reality, as the Maryland Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a measure on the last day of the legislative session.


Getting Over Rejection, From College

Most colleges and universities recently let anxious students know who is getting in --and who is not-- for the next academic year. And many applicants are dealing with rejection from their dream school. Host Michel Martin talks with psychotherapist Diane Barth about what students are going through, and how parents can help them move on.

Dengue Fever Cases Have Been Seriously Underestimated

There could be as many as 400 million dengue infections worldwide each year, making it more common than malaria, according to a new study. One reason for the huge increase in estimated infections is that dengue has been spreading far and wide to regions outside the tropics.