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After Trauma, Maintaining Normalcy For Children

LeVar Burton, host of the children's television show, Reading Rainbow, wrote a blog post Friday about how parents should speak to their kids in the aftermath of the latest school shooting. He joins host Guy Raz to discuss the importance of talking to kids and maintaining a normal routine.

To Recover From Trauma, Kids Follow Lead Of Adults

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with trauma specialist Dr. Elaine Ducharme in Connecticut about how to psychologically recover from events like the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. Ducharme says children recovering from trauma should avoid the news, and should try to find routine again.

Children Work Through Trauma With Their Parents

Robert Siegel talks to psychologist Melissa Brymer about how children cope with violence.

Many Mass Killers Have Had Chronic Depression

Audie Cornish talks about the psychological profile of people who commit mass shootings with Jack Levin. He is professor of sociology and criminology at Northeastern and co-director of the Brudnick Center on Violence at Northeastern.

How To Talk To Your Kids About The Conn. Shootings

Doctors say parents should limit children's exposure to media coverage of disasters, like the mass shooting in Connecticut. Kids, especially older ones, will have questions, and it's fine for parents to answer them. But keep the answers simple and make sure they come with ample reassurance.

Most States Punt Health Exchanges To The Feds

Only 17 states and the District of Columbia have proposed running their own insurance markets. Experts had expected mostly small states to seek federal help, but some of the nation's largest have said they will not run an exchange on their own.