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Annals Of The Obvious: Women Way More Tired Than Men

More women than men said they felt very tired or exhausted most days or every day when government surveyors asked them. Overall, about 15 percent of women said they were worn out compared with 10 percent of the men.

Seniors In The South Are More Apt To Be Prescribed Risky Drugs

In many parts of the South, more than one-third of seniors are taking drugs that they should avoid, an analysis of Medicare data finds. Ten percent are taking two or more potentially problematic medicines.

Leading Man's Chin: Universally Hot Or Not?

A prominent male chin, thought to be a marker for virility, is one of the characteristics that's part of the so-called universal facial attractiveness hypothesis. But a look at chins from around the world raises doubts.

Why Obama's Budget Could Make Health Waves

The administration's budget still matters, even though it's late and the House and Senate have approved their own spending blueprints for fiscal 2014. President Obama laid down markers that could lead to changes in Medicare and Medicaid and affect funding for a broad array of health programs.

How Much Does It Hurt? Let's Scan Your Brain

Researchers say they can measure how much pain someone is experiencing and even watch as prescription painkillers relieve it. The scanning technique could help doctors treat pain better, but the work is also fraught with questions about how the technology could interfere with the relationship between doctors and patients.