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Georgia Immigration Law Trips Up Doctors And Nurses

A new immigration law in Georgia requires everyone licensed by the state to prove citizenship. But the law is having an unintended consequence: many health care workers, included doctors and nurses, are losing their licenses because of a paperwork backlog.
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Local Leaders Try Eating On $5 Per Day

Could you eat for just $5 a day? Hundreds of Montgomery County, Md., officials and employees tried it last week to raise awareness about hunger in the affluent county, but some people who struggle to buy food found the week-long challenge offensive.


How To Start Talking Details With Aging Parents

A lot of adult children will be traveling home for the holidays. Experts say those visits are a perfect time to talk with aging loved ones about medical care, insurance and important documents. Host Michel Martin talks about how to start that conversation with senior care expert Tami Cumings and The Wall Street Journal's Christopher John Farley.
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Combatting Childhood Obesity

Obese and overweight kids are more likely to have health, emotional and behavioral problems. But because of our cultural sensitivities and the emotions caught up in the issue, helping a child lose weight can be an overwhelming challenge.

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Walter Reed Janitors In Labor Dispute With Contractor

Janitors who work at the Walter Reed military medical center in Bethesda say they haven't been paid in two weeks — but they've been hesitant to strike out of concern for the hospital's patients. 


Struggle For Smarts? How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning

For the most part in American culture, intellectual struggle in school children is seen as an indicator of weakness, while in Eastern cultures it is not only tolerated, it is often used to measure emotional strength.
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Dr. Robert Lustig: "Fat Chance: Beating The Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease"

Nearly three million viewers have seen Dr. Robert Lustig's YouTube video "Sugar: The Bitter Truth." In a new book, he documents the science and politics behind the obesity pandemic and calls for an overhaul of the global food system.

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Suspected Fungal Meningitis Cases Rise In Virginia

Health officials say the number of suspected fungal meningitis cases in Virginia has risen to 50.