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Can You Learn While You're Asleep?

An experiment that paired sounds with smells suggests basic forms of learning are possible while snoozing. The key seems to be a phenomenon known as conditioning — a form of simple learning made famous by Ivan Pavlov and his dog.

Court Paves Way For Texas Planned Parenthood Cuts

Planned Parenthood in Texas is deciding how to proceed after losing an important case in federal court. A panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the state can cut Planned Parenthood out of its women's health program because the organization is associated with abortion.

Top Doctors Discuss The Art And Craft Of Surgery

Things that most people take for granted in surgery — the use of anesthesia, for example, or the way surgical tools are cleaned — were once cutting-edge discoveries in the profession. Dr. Atul Gawande and Dr. Sherwin Nuland discuss the changes they've seen over their long careers as surgeons.

Screening Hearts In Philadelphia, Pa.

Simon's Fund provides free heart screenings to children throughout the Philadelphia area. Nearly 5,000 students have been screened in the past seven years thanks to the program, and 43 have discovered unknown, potentially-fatal heart conditions.

Lack Of Sleep, Genes Can Get Sleepwalkers Up And About

Sleepwalking is common among children, and for many, it persists into adulthood. Though it's still not well understood, scientists have identified several factors that can trigger episodes of sleepwalking.

Sleepless Nights May Put The Aging Brain At Risk Of Dementia

Researchers have found an association between sleep problems among older adults and dementia later in life. If diagnosed early, treatments like controlling stimuli before bed can help and possibly reduce the risk of cognitive decline.