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The Long List Of Health Apps Features Few Clear Winners

Mobile health apps have gotten a lot of attention, but most are not being used, according to an industry analysis. The top-selling apps are diet and fitness trackers. Most apps don't let people enter their own data, and very few are actually designed to help people manage an illness.

Why Insurers Cancel Policies, And What You Can Do About It

No one knows for sure right now how many of the estimated 14 million people who buy their own coverage are getting cancellation notices, but the numbers appear to be big. Some insurers report discontinuing 20 percent of their individual business, while other insurers have notified up to 80 percent of policyholders that they will have to change plans.

Before Marathoners Had Energy Bars ...

Long before there was an industry supplying athletes with high-tech energy fuel, marathoners had to make due with what they had. And what they had may disgust you.

Victims Of Tainted Steroid Injections Still Struggling

Health problems linger from a fungal meningitis outbreak that sickened hundreds across the country a year ago. Some people are still receiving treatment. And some who got better relapsed for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

Violence, Chaos Let Polio Creep Back Into Syria And Horn Of Africa

The number of polio cases globally sank to an all-time low in 2012. But outbreaks in Syria and Somalia this year are jeopardizing efforts to eradicate the virus. A recent visit to the Somali-Ethiopian border highlights just how easily polio can regain a foothold in rural, insecure communities.

Insurance Cancellations Elbow Out Website Woes At Health Hearing

For Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, the big question was not why isn't the website working. It was why are people being told their insurance is being cancelled when President Obama said they can keep it, no matter what. Administration officials said the new coverage will be better.

Polio Returns To Syria As Health System Crumbles

The World Health Organization has confirmed that polio has re-emerged in Syria for the first time in 14 years. Efforts are underway to immunize millions of children throughout the Middle East to try keep the virus from spreading.

For A Longer Life, You Might Try Mowing The Lawn

Older people who are active every day appear to lower their risk of heart disease and death by almost a third, even if they're not doing the kind of exercise that breaks a sweat. Gardening and puttering around the house qualify. And don't overlook berry-picking, a popular pastime in Sweden, where the study was done.

A Japanese iPhone Gadget Teases The Tummy With Food Smells

Scentee draws power from an iPhone to blast you with the smell of hearty meat or lavender. But could the synthetic smell of meat trick your brain into thinking you're eating meat instead of plain rice?
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New Commission Created In Wake Of Disabled Maryland Man's Death

A commission has been created to improve understanding of the issues faced by disabled Maryland citizens in the wake of the accidental death of Robert "Ethan" Saylor.