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Doctors Lean Toward Introducing Allergenic Foods To Kids Early

Food allergy experts now recommend that some parents introduce toddlers and babies to the foods beginning at around 4 to 6 months of age. It's a shift away from earlier advice to delay the introduction of the foods to help prevent allergies.

Why Painting Tumors Could Make Brain Surgeons Better

Cut a tumor from a child's brain and you may save a life. But surgery can hurt the child if healthy brain cells are removed. A Seattle doctor is working on a substance that might help. It binds tightly to cancer cells and makes them glow, so they're easier to distinguish from healthy tissue.

For Native Americans, Mental Health Budget Cuts Hit Hard

Suicide rates among Native Americans are already four times the national average. And with recent cuts in federal funding for mental health services across the country, suicide prevention programs may lose ground in the communities that need them most.

Proposed Alaska Road Pits Villagers Against Environmentalists

A proposed road in Alaska is pitting residents against environmentalists. The people who live in a remote village want better access to an airport with year-round flights to Anchorage for medical emergencies. But the road would cut through a wilderness area, which environmentalists say would set a bad precedent.

Conservatives Use Budget Deadline To Revive Obamacare Debate

House Republican leaders hope to put off a last-stand fight to "defund" Obamacare to a debt-ceiling showdown in October, rather than the bill to fund the government this month. So far, conservatives do not seem thrilled with the strategy.

Discovery Of Massive Aquifers Could Be Game Changer For Kenya

The underground lakes were found in the most arid region of a country where 40 percent of the population lacks access to safe water.

What To Avoid At The Orthopedist's Office

Wondering if those glucosamine supplements will help your aching knee? Wonder no more. The nation's orthopedists list five treatments that don't do any good, and might do harm. It's part of an effort by medical societies to push for evidence-based treatments.

Series Reveals Underground Market For 'Re-Homing' Adoptees

A Reuters investigation has detailed the practice of shuffling unwanted children from one set of guardians to another with the government exercising little or no oversight.
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Questions About And The Affordable Care Act

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testifies about the troubled rollout of Diane and her guests explore questions about the launch of the Affordable Care Act and why Medicaid enrollment is surging.


Fast Tests For Drug Resistance Bolster Malaria Fight

Pockets of malaria that are resistant to the frontline drug have recently emerged in Southeast Asia. Health workers worry the problem could spread to Africa. To stay ahead of the parasite, scientists have developed a fast way to detect resistant malaria and map its spread through a community.