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After Deeds Tragedy, Mental Health To Be Priority Issue For Va. General Assembly

The tragic death of a Virginia state senator's son is shining a new spotlight on mental health issues just as legislators are preparing for the upcoming General Assembly session.

California Will Not Extend Canceled Health Policies

California has rejected President Obama's offer to extend canceled health insurance policies. The board that oversees the state's health insurance marketplace voted unanimously Thursday to let canceled policies expire. The board said it didn't want to confuse consumers and disrupt the state's surge in enrollment.

Mix Of Young And Old Signing Up For Health Care In California

For the system to work, however, age won't be as important as how healthy or unhealthy all the new enrollees are. And insurers won't really know that until next year, when claims start rolling in. Sick people are more motivated to sign up early, researchers say.

Nuts For Longevity: Daily Handful Is Linked To Longer Life

Men and women who were regularly munching on peanuts or tree nuts in their 30s and 40s were significantly more likely to reach their 70s, a study found. Researchers say they aren't sure why nuts promote longevity, but they think it has to do with how they affect metabolism and satiety.

Food Stamp Program Doesn't Guarantee Food Security, Study Finds

In a small study, Harvard researchers found that getting food stamps didn't help low-income individuals as much as they expected. Despite their food aid, researchers say the people they surveyed weren't getting a complete, nutritious diet.

Reinventing The Condom With Easy-On Tabs And Beef Tendon

What would it take for people to like using condoms? Inventors say it's all about the fit and feel. The 11 winners in a competition sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation include one condom made from beef tendons, and another that's heat-activated for a glove-like fit.

Autistic Kids At Risk Of Wandering: How To Keep Them Safe

The case of a missing teenager in New York has sparked a national conversation about keeping autistic children safe. Guest host Celeste Headlee learns more from the National Autism Association's Lori McIlwain.

A Son's Death Reveals Chasms In Emergency Mental Health Care

Families seeking mental health care for a suicidal relative often face a labyrinth. First, they must obtain a legal commitment order, then they must find space on a hospital ward. State budget cuts have made it harder to get care during a mental health crisis.

Remember 'French Fries Cause Cancer'? Here's The Acrylamide Update

Back in 2002, news that acrylamide, a carcinogen in animals, had been found in some foods set off a bit of a panic. Now the FDA has issued a new warning on the chemical in food. But here's the puzzler: In the years since that first scare, the human studies haven't really backed those initial concerns about cancer.

Obama, State Insurance Commissioners Talk Policy Extensions

President Obama met with state insurance commissioners to discuss changes to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Some commissioners are in a difficult spot because their states passed laws that prohibit policies that don't comply with the law. Now, the president says companies can keep offering non-compliant policies for another year if they want to.