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$4.2 Billion Deal Highlights Drug Profits From Rare Diseases

Shire's purchase of ViroPharma is all about a medicine to prevent life-threatening swelling attacks caused by a genetic mutation. The drug, called Cinryze, costs more than $4,600 for each treatment. The annual bill can run hundreds of thousands of dollars for each patient.

Movies Rated PG-13 Feature The Most Gun Violence

Banning R-rated movies for your kids isn't enough to spare them from scenes of gun violence. The amount of gun violence in R-rated films has stayed fairly stable since 1985, while gun violence in PG-13 movies has soared.

Military Women Combat Challenges in Service

For women in the military, serving can present its own set of challenges, especially when they have to balance duty to their county and duties at home. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with two women veterans, Graciela Tiscareño-Sato and Miyoko Hikiji, about their devotion to helping other military women and veterans navigate those challenges.

Sweat Your Way To A Healthier Brain

Physical exercise can ease depression, slow age-related memory loss and prevent Parkinson-like symptoms, researchers reported at a meeting in San Diego. The findings suggest that people may be making a mistake if they're relying on crossword puzzles and brain-training games for mental wellness.

Lessons In Leadership: It's Not About You. (It's About Them)

It takes more than a decisive vision to solve intractable world problems, says Harvard leadership expert Ronald Heifetz. Instead, he advises his students — including budding heads-of-state — to think less like surgeons and more like psychiatrists.

Self-Employed And With Lots Of Questions About Health Care

Self-employed workers are some of the people who could benefit most from insurance under the Affordable Care Act, but figuring out how much coverage will cost can be tricky. Well, we've got answers for them, and also for people wondering about what happens if they don't have any insurance at all.

Lighting Up The Investigative Path With Polonium-210

Conspiracy theories continue over the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, and polonium is suspected as the weapon of the alleged assassin. Whatever happened to Arafat, there is a case from 2006 that shows just how destructive the radioactive element can be. It all started with a sip of green tea.

Why Can't Ted Stay Out Of The Emergency Room?

Unlike airlines, hospitals don't offer perks or first class upgrades to people who frequently visit the emergency room. In fact, patients like these often get worse customer service, like the apocryphal boy who cried, "Wolf!"
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Area Democrats Resist Push To Extend Signups

Problems have plagued the online home of the federal government's healthcare exchange, but amidst calls to delay signups on the site, some lawmakers are pushing back.


How A California Law To Encourage Vaccination Could Backfire

The number of children skipping vaccines has been rising, raising concerns about outbreaks of measles and other infections diseases. A California law designed to encourage parents to get information before deciding about vaccination has been complicated by the governor's addition of an exemption for members of religious groups.