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Officials Warn Of Bacterial Outbreaks From Turtle Derbies

Natural resources officials say only pet turtles should be used in the annual races.


President Morsi Supporters Furious, Other Egyptians Jubilant He's Out

Egypt is about to get a new ruler. A caretaker head of state is being ushered into power Thursday following Wednesday's dramatic military coup. President Mohammed Morsi was forced from power just a year after winning the country's first free election. He lost the public's trust amid a failing economy and fears that he was imposing an Islamist agenda.

Scientists Grow A Simple, Human Liver In A Petri Dish

The tiny organs created from stem cells aren't complete, but they act like regular livers when transplanted into mice, Japanese scientists say. Still, it will be years before the synthetic organs could help people with liver problems, even if further research all works out as hoped.

Delay In Obacamare Implementation Cheered By Employers

Business groups are praising the Obama administration's decision to delay implementation of part of the Affordable Care Act. Businesses with 50 or more employees will have an extra year, until 2015, before they start facing fines. Some employers say they still want to see the law changed before it is implemented.

A Surge In Painkiller Overdoses Among Women

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report women are more likely to have chronic pain. They're also more likely to shop around for a doctor who will prescribe pain pills.

Outbreak Traced To Pomegranates Reveals Flaws In Global Food Chain

People usually don't worry about hepatitis A in fruit, but an outbreak caused by Turkish pomegranates has sickened 136 people so far. The illnesses highlight how U.S. reliance on imported fruit and vegetables creates novel health risks. New federal regulations in the works are designed to reduce that risk.

Delay For Insurance Mandate Pleases Businesses

The one-year reprieve raises new questions about the administration's ability to get the huge health law up and running in an orderly fashion. The deadline for health exchanges to begin enrolling individuals is Oct. 1.

The Politics Of Abortion In Texas

State Senator Wendy Davis has caught national attention after her 11-hour filibuster to block a bill that would limit abortions in Texas. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with reporter Wayne Slater and Professor Jim Henson about what this means in Texas and what it says about the abortion debate across the country.

Aftershocks Felt After Affordable Care 'Earthquake'

The White House is delaying a key part of the Affordable Care Act. Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses this and other political news with Keli Goff, political correspondent for The Root, and Mary Kate Cary of US News and World Report.

How To Make Disease Prevention An Easier Sell

The American health system is well-suited to fixing acute problems. But chronic issues, such as diabetes and obesity, have proved challenging. Prevention could reduce the risks, yet the approach hasn't taken hold. Here's a leading medical thinker's take on why, and how to fix things.