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For The Love Of Oysters: How A Kiss From The Sea Evokes Passion

Scientists have made some attempts to link mollusks to increased libido. There's even evidence that consuming heavy doses of an amino acid found in oysters can increase sperm count – in rabbits. But do any of these findings actually prove that oysters can — ahem — amp up arousal? Not so much.
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Curbing The Overuse Of Antibiotics

Overprescription of antibiotics has led to the development of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" that kill thousands each year. Antibiotics in animal feed add to the problem. We look at how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other groups aim to track antibiotic use and curb overuse.


Here's One More Reason To Play Video Games: Beating Dyslexia

People with dyslexia take longer to alternate their attention between visual and audio cues, researchers say. That's particularly true if they have to attend to a sound after seeing something. That difference may provide clues to better treatments for dyslexia.

Why "No One is Running With the President in Missouri"

Washington, D.C. is digging out from the snow, but Congress is already long gone on a two week recess. Host Michel Martin speaks with Christopher Ave of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Corey Dade of The Root, about the latest political news.

Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning? A Fish Toxin Could Be To Blame

Tropical fish, like red snapper and grouper, can accumulate one of the most poisonous toxins on Earth. People who eat those fish could get ciguatera, an illness with strange neurological effects, such as painful intercourse. And doctors say there's a chance it spreads through sex.

Working With A Therapist Can Help When Sleeping Pills Don't

There's a treatment for insomnia that's safe, effective and pill-free. The Veterans Administration is embracing it to help returning soldiers with PTSD. There's even an app. But many people don't know that cognitive behavioral therapy is an option for insomnia. Proponents are trying to change that.

Doctors Court Controversy In Ad For Surgical Robot

The former head of a prestigious Boston hospital found it unsettling when the surgical staff of an Illinois academic medical center endorsed a medical device in a national newspaper advertisement. After he started asking questions, the hospital asked that the ad, paid for by the device maker, be suspended.

Stopping Microbes Not Missiles: U.S. Plans For Next Global Threat

The world is at greater risk than ever from pandemics and biological weapons, health officials said Thursday. In response, the U.S. government is spearheading a global effort to build an early warning system for infectious diseases, drug-resistant microbes and possible bioterror agents.

Why Some Olympians Load Up On Salad Instead Of Pasta

From cross-country skiers to ski jumpers, elite athletes can have very different fueling priorities. Endurance winter athletes may need up to 5,000 calories on competition day, while ski jumpers hoping to stay light and lithe might limit themselves to 1,800 calories or less a day.

The 10 Places Where Health Insurance Costs The Least

What sets these bargain markets apart? They tend to have robust competition among hospitals and doctors, allowing insurers to wrangle lower rates. Many of the best deals are to be had in Minnesota, where managed care has long held prices in check.