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Canceled In California: People Eye Health Plans Off Exchange

Some Californians are choosing plans that don't comply with the Affordable Care Act to save money. They have only a few weeks left to pick coverage that will last a year. It will eventually be replaced by health insurance that includes a full range of essential benefits, but at a higher cost.

Medical Journal Goes To The Dogs

The august medical journal JAMA created a kitsch masterpiece for the cover of its annual issue dedicated to medical education. A group of seven canine healers, some apparently in training, hover around a sick mutt sucking on a thermometer in a hospital bed. They look an awful lot like some poker-playing dogs from yesteryear.

Female Doctor Beats Odds To Bring Air Ambulance To Nigeria

Experts said Dr. Ola Orekunrin's dream to create air ambulance service in Nigeria was impossible. But as a doctor and helicopter pilot, she had the skills and dedication to make it work. Orekunrin tells host Michel Martin about Flying Doctors Nigeria.

White House Cites Pre-Existing Condition Case From Its Own Ranks

It's Day 4 of the White House's new messaging push for the Affordable Care Act. Today the goal is to tell the stories of people with pre-existing conditions who are now entitled to coverage under the new health care law.One such story comes from within the White House.

FDA Expected To Approve New, Gentler Cure For Hepatitis C

The first in a new class of drugs that can cure the viral infection that is the leading cause of liver failure and liver cancer is poised for a marketing green light from the Food and Drug Administration. More than 3 million Americans have hepatitis C, but most don't know it.
NPR Now Allows Window Shopping, And A Do-Over

Probably the best feature of the retooled website is that you can actually use it. People are now able to get a customized list of plans and prices, and click through to see an insurer's provider directory. Still, better though it is, it's clearly not 100 percent.

Teens Who Feel Supported At Home And School Sleep Better

The notoriously short night's sleep that many tired adolescents get isn't all about surging hormones and too much homework, according to a sociologist who looked at shifting sleep patterns from ages 12 to 15. Teens who report good relationships with family and schoolmates tend to sleep better.

Fertility Drugs, Not IVF, Are Top Cause Of Multiple Births

For years doctors have been telling women that it's risky to implant multiple embryos when they do in vitro fertilization. They've listened, and the number of multiples from IVF has dropped. But the number of births of triplets or more has barely budged because of women's use of fertility drugs.

These Days, School Lunch Hours Are More Like 15 Minutes

In a new poll, parents complain that their children are not getting nearly enough time for a basic school ritual: eating lunch. And that's worrying parents and administrators, given that about one-third of American kids are overweight or obese.

Second Meningitis Outbreak Erupts In Southern California

A meningitis outbreak at the University of California, Santa Barbara is causing the same kind of illnesses seen earlier at Princeton, but public health officials say a different bacterial strain is to blame. The UCSB health service has given preventive antibiotics to over 700 students as a precaution.