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One Doc's Prescription For Hassle-Free Healthcare

Dr. Jay Parkinson envisions a future of more efficient, hassle-free healthcare--and it starts online. He says he and his colleagues at the New York City-based healthcare start-up Sherpaa can solve 70 percent of patients' problems via email, eliminating a trip to the doctor's office.
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Family Conversations About End-Of-Life Care

Conversations about death and dying are never easy. Diane and her guests talk about how to begin end-of-life discussions with a loved one. They offer guidance on how to create a plan that can safeguard his or her well-being and provide caregivers with peace of mind.


The Science Behind Olympic Six-Pack Abs

Athletes train for years to get their bodies in top shape for the Olympics, and muscle definition is an attractive benefit. But for some people, chiseled abs just might not be in the cards.

Nursing Schools Brace For Faculty Shortage

Over the next few years, the Affordable Care Act will probably boost demand for nurses to take care of the newly insured. But with many nursing faculty retiring, and not enough in the pipeline, nursing schools will have a challenge training the next generation of nurses.

West Nile Virus Makes A Comeback This Summer

An unusual number of severe West Nile cases has prompted a warning from federal health officials. Most of the cases have occurred in just three states — Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma — but cases are occurring throughout the country.
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Delays In New Food Safety Regulations

More than two dozen people have died after eating contaminated cantaloupes. Food safety advocates say outbreaks like these could have been prevented under a new law. Diane and guests explore what’s holding up food safety rules.


Extreme Makeover, Potato Edition

Will tomorrow's U.S. supermarket stock 10 kinds of potatoes? Potato geneticist Chuck Brown hopes so. He's been working to introduce the American market to purple, orange and red potato varieties, and bring back the sizzle potatoes once enjoyed.