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California Hospital Workers Pitch Obamacare To ER Patients

Some 5,000 uninsured people go into O'Connor Hospital's emergency department each year. A staffer tasked with helping them find coverage says 70 percent of the people she sees could now get it — if they follow through and apply.

Coffee Myth-Busting: Cup Of Joe May Help Hydration And Memory

A new study adds to the evidence that among everyday coffee drinkers, the old wives' tale that coffee will lead to dehydration is really just that: a tale. Another study found that caffeine may help to consolidate memories in the short term, but may not help retrieve old memories.
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Gansler Continues To Attack Brown On Maryland Health Care Exchange

Maryland lawmakers are working on lesliation to help state residents who haven't been able to sign up for health care, offering another opportunity for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Doug Gansler to go on the offensive.


Young People Account For A Quarter Of Health Care Enrollees

The Obama administration released new enrollment numbers on Monday for the government's health insurance exchange. The numbers address the demographics of enrollees in the exchange. Administration officials are encouraged that people under the age of 35 constitute approximately a quarter of enrollees.

Older Folks Get Modest Memory Boost From Brain Boot Camp

Older people who took a few weeks of classes to train their brains reported doing slightly better at activities of daily living a decade later compared with people who hadn't been trained. But the perceived difference might be explained by the expectation that training would help.

Pain In The Back? Exercise May Help You Learn Not To Feel It

There's evidence that many standard treatments for back pain — including surgery, spinal injections and painkillers — are often ineffective and can even worsen and prolong the problem.

New Tax Can't Keep Greeks From Smoking

More than 40 percent of Greeks over 15 smoke, among the highest percentages in the world. Three years ago, the government banned smoking indoors in bars, restaurants and cafes — but the ban has never been enforced.

Accenture To Replace CGI Federal Running Obamacare Site

The main contractor behind the embattled Affordable Care Act enrollment site, which suffered major technological issues after its Oct. 1 debut, will be replaced early this year.

A Feminist Walks Into A Diet Clinic

Samantha Schoech has struggled with weight for most of her life. As a feminist, she's also questioned society's expectations of beauty, while still wanting to be healthy and thin. The self-proclaimed "life-long yo-yo dieter" recently started taking diet pills.

5 Simple Habits Can Help Doctors Connect With Patients

Patients feel more satisfied with their care when their doctors take a minute to sit down beside them. But harried doctors often fail to remember niceties like that. All the memorization of medical school seems to crowd out common courtesy, especially for interns just starting to see patients.