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In Florida, A Turf War Blooms Over Front-Yard Vegetable Gardening

A woman in Miami Shores, Fla., is suing her town after it forced her to remove vegetables from the garden in her front yard, which she had tended for 17 years. She's being backed by a a national public interest law firm, but the town says it's a long-standing zoning ordinance that won't be overturned.

Novice Neurosurgeons Train On Brains Printed In 3-D

Universities and hospitals are training residents by having them practice on realistic replicas of actual patients' brains. The high-tech stand-ins allow the students to learn by making mistakes, something they're not able to do when real patients are involved.

As Far As Mom's Concerned, You'll Always Be The Little One

Parents of newborns say they're often surprised to see how much bigger their older children suddenly look. Psychologists say that may be because mothers seriously underestimate the height of their youngest children, an error that could lead to more care and attention for them.

Why A Regular Bedtime Is Important For Children

Children who have irregular bed times are more likely to have behavioral issues than children who have a regular bedtime routine. A survey of 10,00 children showed that irregular bedtimes are linked with difficulties such as hyperactivity, acting out and being emotionally withdrawn. Researchers think inconsistent bedtimes probably affect young children like jet lag.

Healthful Habits Can Help Induce Sleep Without The Pills

More and more people are using sleeping pills, but they can have side effects, including dangerous drowsiness the next morning. Sleep specialists say the best way to get a good night's sleep is to have a sleep routine, including going to bed at the same time each night.

They Shot For Zero, But Couldn't Squash Polio In 2013

This year was on track for a record-low number of polio cases. But polio pushed back hard. It reappeared in some places and spiked in others. Still, global health officials remain confident that polio can be defeated soon.

Before The Prescription, Ask About Your Doctor's Finances

At the dawn of managed care, worried patients wanted to know whether their doctors were getting paid more to do less. Now, as many doctors' salaries depend on how many procedures they perform, patients want to know whether their doctors are paid more to do more.

For Many Urban Schools, Gun Violence Remains A Daily Reality

One year after the shootings in Newtown, Conn., the issue of gun violence continues to resonate around the country. In some communities, like the Castlemont neighborhood in Oakland, Calif., some young people try to cope with the threat of daily violence by simply trying to tune it out.
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You, Your Doctor And A Computer: How Technology Impacts Personal Health Care

As medical practices and health systems adopt new information technologies, the doctor-patient relationship is beginning to change. Kojo talks with a panel of doctors about the ways technology is impacting personal health care.


FDA Warns Against Test Touted As Mammogram Alternative

Who wouldn't want something better than mammograms for breast cancer screening? But machines that extract breast fluid to look for abnormal cells aren't it, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Still, some doctors have been offering the test to patients.