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Health Insurance Prices: Highest In Alaska, Lowest In Sun Belt

A look at the 10 least and 10 most expensive places for health insurance shows a wide gap in prices for the same level of coverage.
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McAuliffe Returns To Medicaid Expansion, Other Democratic Priorities In Speech

The Virginia governor talked of creating a "new Virginia economy" and reopened an old fight on Medicaid expansion.


We Lie About What We Eat, And It's Messing Up Science

Humans are notoriously bad at remembering exactly how much we eat and exercise, yet researchers often ask. A new paper says self-reported data have skewed hundreds of studies and must be discontinued.

Control, Eliminate, Eradicate A Disease: What's The Difference?

We've eradicated smallpox. But we can only hope to control malaria. A new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History explains how disease fighters set and pursue their goals.

From The Mouths Of Apes, Babble Hints At Origins of Human Speech

You say banana; this orangutan says ... well, it's hard to tell what she's saying. But the rhythmic, speechlike sounds of the zoo-dwelling ape have started scientists talking.

Early Test Of An Obamacare Experiment Posts Little Progress

Community groups getting federal funds to reduce hospital readmissions made improvements, an early evaluation finds. The experiment will run for five years.

Working Longer Hours Can Mean Drinking More

Working more than 48 hours a week makes risky drinking more likely, a study of people in 14 countries finds. And that held true for rich and poor, men and women.

Gluten-Free Craze Is Boon And Bane For Those With Celiac Disease

Many people who don't have celiac disease have ditched gluten, thinking it will improve their health. That's created more dining options — and more derision — for those with the autoimmune disorder.

Health Insurance Startup Collapses In Iowa

Obamacare provided billions in seed money to help establish insurance companies called co-ops. One of the biggest has now gone under, and its state overseer is telling clients to switch carriers.

How Do We Grow To Like The Foods We Once Hated?

A psychologist says we have to be taught to like chili pepper and other foods we may initially dislike. The experience of eating it often somehow converts what's an aversion to a preference, he says.