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6 Pitfalls To Avoid When Picking Insurance On The Job

Even if your health insurance is provided by an employer, your plan may be changing quite a bit in 2015. Here's a guide to the questions you should keep in mind when looking over your options.

Take The Plunge Into World Toilet Day

They say every dog has its day. So does every toilet. And that day is today: World Toilet Day.

Bloodmobiles To Collect Plasma From West Africa's Ebola Survivors

Researchers gear up tests in West Africa to see whether blood from Ebola survivors can help people who are sick with the disease. This is part of a broader effort to test therapies in West Africa.

India Quarantines Ebola Survivor Because Of Infectious Semen

Ebola can linger in semen for months after a person recovers from the disease. So survivors are typically given condoms and a stern warning. But India is being more cautious.

Aid Groups See A Drop-Off In U.S. Health Volunteers To Fight Ebola

International aid groups say the decline in volunteers is due to quarantine restrictions imposed by New York and New Jersey.

Americans Think Ebola Is A Top Health Care Problem

A new poll shows Ebola is the one of the top health concerns of Americans, below access to health care and affordable health care. Robert Siegel talks to Frank Newport, editor in chief at Gallup.

Outreach Workers Look For Gains In Second Year Of Obamacare

Montana and Georgia sit on opposite sides of the country, but both have minority populations health advocates hope to enroll for coverage. They also fear many won't quality for subsidized coverage.

Dangerous Deliveries: Ebola Devastates Women's Health In Liberia

When a pregnant woman catches Ebola, the fetus and amniotic fluid are flooded with the virus. The ripple effects of these dangerous deliveries could be more catastrophic than Ebola itself.

Measles Still Kills 400 Kids A Day — And It May Be Making A Comeback

The global fight against the disease has stalled, says the World Health Organization. The recession gets some of the blame. And so does the anti-vaccine movement.

More States Adopt Laws To Ease Access To Experimental Treatments

While several states have approved so-called right-to-try measures that aim to give patients with life-threatening illnesses access to unapproved drugs, drugmakers don't have to comply.