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Siren Song Of Tech Lures New Doctors Away From Medicine

Medical school graduates around San Francisco Bay are far less likely to pursue medical residencies than those in other parts of the country. Instead, many are heading to health technology ventures.
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Virginia Caregivers Given Help To Do Their Thankless, Underappreciated Jobs

Caregivers do billions of dollars in uncompensated labor for the elderly and infirm, and new legislation in Virginia will help them get training


Alzheimer's Drugs In The Works Might Treat Other Diseases, Too

By targeting the process that creates toxic clumps of protein in brain cells, scientists hope to help not just Alzheimer's patients, but perhaps also people with Lewy body dementia and Parkinson's.

When Losing Memory Means Losing Home

As his Alzheimer's progresses, journalist Greg O'Brien and his wife have decided it's time to leave the home where they raised their three kids. The move is turning up some sweet discoveries.

What Do A Chlorinator And A Condom Tied To A Catheter Have In Common?

They're both featured on a list of 30 innovations that could save millions of lives over the next 15 years.

UCLA Health Says 4.5M May Be Affected In Data Breach

Attackers accessed parts of the computer network that contain personal and medical information, but there is no evidence they accessed or acquired any personal or medical information, UCLA said.

In Court, Your Face Could Determine Your Fate

How much can someone's face affect the sentence he receives in court? A lot, according to a study that asked people to rate the trustworthiness of convicted murderers based on their mugshots.

'When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors' To Best Avoid Lightning's Pain

Deaths in the U.S. from lightning strikes are up in 2015, compared with recent years. A convertible won't save you. Get inside at the first rumble of thunder, and stay away from plugged-in appliances.

Nice Kids Finish First: Study Finds Social Skills Can Predict Future Success

A study finds that children who demonstrate more "pro-social" skills — those who share more and who are better listeners — are more likely to have jobs and stay out of trouble as young adults.

Home Health Agencies Get Medicare's Star Treatment

For the first time, the government is using a star system to rate agencies that care for seniors in their homes. Medicare was stingy with top ratings and also the poorest scores.