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Scientists Debate If It's OK To Make Viruses More Dangerous In The Lab

Researchers are struggling with how to balance the benefits and risks of genetic experiments that can give viruses new talents for causing infections.

Scientists Report Headway In Hunt For Dengue Vaccine

Dengue sickens millions of people each year, and there's no cure. Now scientists have found powerful antibodies that stop the virus. Their discovery offers a road map to develop a simple vaccine.

Few Employers Cover Egg Freezing For Women With Cancer

Although egg freezing is the perk of the moment at some high-profile companies, the benefit isn't often available, even for women with serious illnesses that could affect their fertility.

Alaska's Governor Eager To Expand Medicaid

The state's last top guy was hostile to Obamacare. But Gov. Bill Walker, an independent, sees Medicaid expansion as a cost-effective no-brainer. Can he convince Republicans in Alaska's legislature?

The U.S. Has A Surgeon General, For The First Time In 17 Months

A job that's been open in President Obama's administration since July of 2013 was finally filled Monday, as the Senate voted to confirm Vivek Murthy as America's new surgeon general.


Supreme Court Refuses To Limit Abortion Drug's Use

An Arizona law aiming to limit prescription of RU-486 to the first seven weeks of pregnancy was blocked by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. On Monday, Supreme Court justices let that stand.

Dr. Kent Brantly: Lessons Learned From Fighting Ebola

"We run the risk of going from hysteria to a sense of indifference," says the now-recovered physician. "And I think that is even more dangerous than our fear."

Tennessee Governor Moves To Expand Medicaid Coverage

Following the lead of two other Republican governors, Tennessee's Gov. Bill Haslam is moving to expand Medicaid in his state, using federal funds from the Affordable Care Act.

To Get To The Bottom Of Your Microbiome, Start With A Swab Of Poo

To find helpful patterns in personal microbe populations, scientists also need to gather a long list of information about the people who serve as homes for the microscopic critters.

A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients

Around the world, patients acquire new infections simply from spending time in a hospital. One way to fight back: replacing hospital bed rails with copper, a natural infection-killer.