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GOP's Health Law Alternative Could Be Messy As Obamacare

The Republicans' proposals for an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, judging from the few details available, could threaten some of the health law's most popular features.

Big Drop In Colon Cancer Fuels Push To Get More People Screened

Screening for colon cancer actually prevents the disease, but one-third of people over 50 have never been screened. A new campaign hopes to get 80 percent of eligible people screened by 2018.

Scientists Search For Toxins In Cigarette Smoke Residue

Chemicals in cigarette smoke can settle on clothes, furniture and walls. Researchers call this thirdhand smoke and say laboratory experiments suggest it could be hazardous.

Even If You Don't Have Symptoms, You May Still Have The Flu

Roughly one in five unvaccinated people had the flu between 2006 and 2011, but only a quarter of them had symptoms, a study found. That could affect how the virus spreads.
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O'Malley Pins Health Exchange Problems On Contractors

In defense of the Maryland health exchange website, Gov. Martin O'Malley cited the contractor used as a possible explanation — something Republican lawmakers refuse to accept as an excuse.


Doctors Use 3-D Printing To Help A Baby Breathe

Garrett Peterson was born with a defective windpipe and every day he struggled to breathe. Now, thanks to a 3-D printer, his windpipe has been strengthened and Garrett should soon breathe normally.

Parenting In The Age Of Apps: Is That iPad Help Or Harm?

With tablet technology still relatively new, pediatricians are trying to understand how interactive media affects children.

Wife And Mother: 'You'd Never Suspect My Junkie Past'

I feel no shame when I say I'm a recovering addict. The battle has made me a warrior. As someone lucky to survive, I want to tell others not to give up.

Inside The Barely Legal World Of Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are altered at the molecular level to mimic illegal drugs, while staying inside the law. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with author Mike Power about how these drugs are made and sold.

When Loved Ones Go Missing, Ambiguity Can Hold Grief Captive

As families of those on the missing jetliner struggle to get answers, one grief counselor says moving forward requires accepting the unknown. But right now, she says, they're in survival mode.