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Ryan Budget Proposal Echoes Obamacare While Rejecting It

The proposal describes changes to the Medicare program in Obamacare-like terms. One change would be to the choices seniors would have as part of a "new Medicare exchange" — similar to the insurance exchanges now being built under the Affordable Care Act.

When It Comes To Health Care, Patients Don't Want To Weigh Costs

A in the journal Health Affairs found that patients feel little personal responsibility for keeping health costs lower. They were also unlikely to accept a less expensive treatment option, even if it was nearly as effective as a more expensive choice.

Roller Derby Players Swap Bacteria (And Shoves) On The Track

Roller derby teams had distinct bacterial colonies on their arms before a bout, researchers found. After pushing and shoving on the track, those colonies were more similar. The research is part of the push to identify the microbes that live on (and in) us.

Soda Wars Backlash: Mississippi Passes 'Anti-Bloomberg' Bill

A bill now on the governor's desk would bar Mississippi counties and towns from enacting rules that require calorie counts to be posted, that cap portion sizes, or that keep toys out of kids' meals.