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Meet The Health Care First-Timers

Several months into its implementation, the Affordable Care Act remains hobbled by politics, moving deadlines and confusion. But for many Americans, the ACA has provided a way to get health insurance for the first time — or, at least, the first time in a long while.

Blood Pressure Ruckus Reveals Big Secret In Medicine

Although it may be uncomfortable for patients to learn that there are profound disagreements among doctors about medicine, these differences of opinion are common. What is rare is to have these differences explicitly acknowledged, as is happening now with treatment guidelines for high blood pressure.

Judge Blocks NFL Concussion Settlement

A $765 million NFL concussion settlement between the league and former players was blocked by a federal judge on Tuesday. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR's Mike Pesca about the latest news and where the high-profile lawsuit goes from here.

Biceps Curls And Down Dogs May Help Lower Diabetes Risk

Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of diabetes. But it looks like muscle-strengthening exercises help, too, according to the Nurses Health Studies. Even supposedly lighter forms of exercise like yoga and stretching reduced women's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Where In The World Is The Best Place For Healthy Eating?

Researchers ranked countries in terms of how easy it is to get a balanced, nutritious diet. The U.S. didn't even make the top 20, even though it has the greatest abundance of cheap food in the world. Western Europe nearly swept the top 10. Guess which country was No. 1?

Feds Extend Coverage For People In High-Risk Insurance Pools

The insurance pool for people with expensive pre-existing conditions will stay open until the end of March, after another extension by the federal government. Starting this year, the Affordable Care Act bars insurers from rejecting people because of health problems, but they may need more time than originally thought to sign up for coverage.

Soon To Be Big In Japan, Jim Beam's Roots To Stay In Kentucky

In a deal worth some $16 billion, Japanese beverage giant Suntory is buying Beam Inc., maker of Jim Beam bourbon and owner of well-known American brands such as Maker's Mark. Industry leaders say it's a reflection of bourbon's exploding popularity in Asian markets, but some wonder if the new owners will preserve bourbon's Kentucky heritage.

Why The Youth Gap On Obamacare Exchanges Could Be A Yawner

Just about everybody was watching to see how many young people signed up for health insurance during the first three months that the new exchanges were open. Younger people are generally healthier, and their premiums tend to balance out insurers' outlays for older, sicker people.
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Stopgap Proposed For Maryland Residents Hampered By Health Care Exchange

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown went before a Maryland House committee Tuesday with a proposal that would offer Marylanders retroactive coverage if they ran into problems with the state's beleaguered health care exchange.


Drug Tests Don't Deter Drug Use, But School Environment Might

Drug testing might keep kids on the straight and narrow, but it remains controversial. Students said their drug use was more influenced by their school's environment than by the threat of drug tests, according to a survey. But neither seemed to affect teenage drinking.