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White House Confident Insurance Website Is Working Better

In this, the first week of December, the Obama administration says it has met its self-imposed deadline of fixing the troubled web site. And it says people should be able to sign up for health insurance. So, is it fixed and when will we know for sure?

School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents

Teenagers say their parents often don't realize how overwhelmed they feel about school. Psychologists say parents can help children manage their expectations and live a more balanced life, even if it means not racking up as high a GPA as their friends.

Parents Of Sleep-Deprived Teens Push For Later School Start Times

Scientists agree that teenagers naturally go to bed late and sleep late, too. But high school start times are traditionally very early. Proponents of later start times say they're finally getting traction. The result, they say, will be happier kids who do better in school.

The Key Test For Is The Part You Can't See

The part of that consumers see is working more smoothly, but it's unclear how well the invisible back end is working.

Is Health Care Website Ready To Roll?

Programmers have been working furiously to meet the White House's Nov. 30 deadline to improve the troubled The goal is to handle 50,000 users at once. NPR's Mara Liasson speaks with host Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin about whether the White House met its deadline.

Humana Invites Mississippians Onto The Health Care Bus

The state of Mississippi has not endorsed the Affordable Care Act. Yet insurers need people to sign up to make their business work. Concerned about lagging numbers, Humana outfitted a bus with internet and computers to drive around the state to enrolling people.

White House Optimistic At Deadline To Fix Obamacare

The Obama administration set a self-imposed deadline of the end of November to have the major kinks worked out in, the website at the center of implementation for the Affordable Care Act. In the hours before its deadline, the site was taken offline for repairs. But the White House says the site is in much better shape than it was two months ago, when it launched and promptly failed to work for most users.
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White House Deadline For A Mistake?

Today is the last day for the White House to meet its self-imposed deadline to improve One lawmaker in the region says they never should have set today as the target date.

A New Worry Looms Online For The Affordable Care Act is supposed to be mostly fixed by Saturday, but errors in an obscure but crucial form could further disrupt the rollout.

How Will We Know If Is Fixed?

Saturday is the day the White House promised the website for the Affordable Care Act will work for the "vast majority of users." NPR's health policy correspondent Julie Rovner explains what that means, and whether the deadline is going to be met.